Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Last week when I did this, I didn't notice the little blog address in the lower right corner.  My apologies to that blogger. I'm fixing that this week.

Linking up with Jamie!

I'm loving ... that my Spring Training travel plans are slowly becoming more real.
 I've been dreaming about going to Rangers spring training for years,
and I'm finally going ... in 66 days!

I'm loving ... Jennifer from Oklahoma City on "The Bachelor."
 Number one, she's a redhead.
Number two, she doesn't seem crazy.
And for those two reasons, I'm kinda hoping she gets the boot.
She doesn't deserve to stay lumped in with all that drama.

I'm loving ... random messages from friends.
The internet can be a real downer sometimes,
but it's also fun when someone randomly sends you a message or 
posts on your wall ... just to let you know they're thinking of you.
It makes me smile.

I'm loving ... that I have a three-day weekend coming up.
I cannot wait.

I'm loving ... that I am actually making progress on my new novel.
 I haven't had a lot of time to write though, 
and I'm hoping to use some of my weekend on that.

I'm loving ... Zumba class.
 I went to my first last Saturday, and it was so much fun.
It was also a REALLY good workout.
I'm hooked.
I can't wait until this Saturday.

And that's what I'm loving this week.


  1. Popping by from What I'm loving Wednesday! I ditto so many things on your list. Jennifer seems to be one of the few, sane women on the bachelor this year. Happy to connect. I'm your newest follower and given several of your posts, I think you'd enjoy See Beautiful too. Come play if you wish!

  2. I'm soo looking forward to the 3 day weekend too! Can't wait!

  3. There are many things I am currently loving:

    That I finally have a passport and will be using it to go on a cruise to Mexico (in 16 days). And what makes it's an Angels cruise (AND my favorite "baby" Angel Mark Trumbo will be on there).

    Just Dance 3...though I have been too sick to use it lately. I hope dance tonight.

    Mayra bought our game tickets for Spring Training last night...and I can't wait to go.

    And right now I'm loving the fact that Disney CA Adv. is going to be having a new "attraction" based on my favorite movie, Alice in Wonderland, a nightly party called Mad T Party.

  4. i am also loving the progress on your new novel! i am loving luke! totally pulling for him.


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