Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend Recap: 13th SK6ERS show edition

I had an absolutely amazing weekend.  I've been meaning to write this update all evening, but right now -- at quarter after ten -- I finally have a few minutes to compose my thoughts before I head to bed.  Yep.  It's been a busy day.  But a good one.

Friday night, I went to my usual Zumba class and then relaxed in front of the TV.  I got started on writing chapter 13 of my novel, which is moving along very well.  It most likely won't be done by the start of baseball season (the story just keeps evolving), but I'm definitely on a mission to finish this one and get it published.  Stay tuned for that journey.

Saturday morning, I went back to Zumba class. We learned a new song/routine, which will be added to the mix next session.  It's a hula-inspired one, so it's a lot of hips and legs.  Very challenging, but I think I could learn to like it.  After the class, I ran some quick errands, showered and hit the road to Ames.  I listened to the Iowa State men's basketball game during the drive and caught the second half when I arrived at my parents' house.  Fortunately, the game ended better than the second half began.  My beloved Cyclones are having a fantastic season.  So are my (alma mater) Buena Vista Beavers. More on that later though. After the game, I had a little time to relax and catch up with my mom and dad before my evening started.  Oh, and it was a grand evening.

Jamie picked me up and we met up with Alicia at Olde Main Brewing Company for dinner.  I had already scouted the menu the previous night to determine a Weight Watchers-friendly option.  I knew I wanted an Off KILTer draft.  I love that brew, and it tastes so much better out of the tap than out of a bottle.  It went perfectly with my salmon, yukon gold mashed potatoes (of which I only ate half) and steamed vegetables. While we ate and enjoyed the fine beers, we discussed my novel (Jamie and Alicia are two of my beta readers), the concert we were going to that night and a lot of other things we all have in common.  I've known Jamie since we were 8 years old, and I met Alicia during college.  But the three of us always have a great time together.  It's so awesome when friends from different areas of my life come together and get along so well.

When were were full (well, I was beyond full), we headed to the M-Shop on campus for Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers.  This was my 13th time seeing them, and I've sold merch at all but four of those shows.  In fact, I've been merch girl at so many concerts in the past few years, I've forgotten what it feels like to just enjoy a show and get completely absorbed in it.  I'm glad I got to feel that again last night with SK6ERS.  Well, the tour manager spotted me and pulled me in to help her set up the merch table, but I was free the rest of the evening. And I'm so glad. The boys put on an amazing show --- and they even played the song Jamie requested via facebook.  It was her second time seeing them and Alicia's first.  It definitely won't be the last show for any of us, although I know I'll be hoping for less douchey concert neighbors next time.  They didn't completely succeed in ruining my enjoyment of the concert, although they certainly tried.  But the boys on stage won out. 

Stephen is an amazing songwriter and storyteller, and everyone in the band is a crazy talented musician. The first time I saw them, I had only heard maybe two songs, but after the show was over, I went home and bought everything in their catalog. That was five and a half years ago, and they've only gotten better with time. If you ever get a chance to see them live, do it.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the show ...

So amazing. 

After the concert, we powered through the frigid wind to travel a few blocks to a campus bar my brother owns.  They were celebrating Mardi Gras, so there were beads galore.  Fortunately, I didn't see any boobs.  Of the female persuasion, anyway.  There were plenty of guys pulling up or opening their shirts to earn some beads (the person with the most at the end of the night got $100).  Even though I'm well beyond the college age, I enjoy people watching at the campus bars.  Especially this one.  It's an added bonus when members of the men's basketball team show up and dance on stage.  Well, only one dances on the stage.  And he's a master of "The Bernie" (a dance I only recently discovered).  He's all the entertainment I needed.  Ha ha ha.

Oh, and while we were out, I checked facebook and saw that the Buena Vista men's basketball team WON the conference championship game. They are now headed to the NCAA Division III tournament!!!  So exciting!!

I didn't get back to my parents' house until almost two in the morning.  And I still woke up around eight (silly internal clock).  I managed to stay in bed until a little after nine, but it was a battle.  I had brunch with the parents and then went in search of a Fred Hoiberg shirt I'd seen a few weeks earlier.  It took three different stores, but we finally found it.  And I am now a proud owner of this fine article of clothing:
  I love Fred.

I headed home late this afternoon, where I promptly went into a Skype date with Nikki, uploaded photos from the weekend and caught up on my Google Reader feed. 

And ... now ... I'm exhausted. 

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

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  1. What an awesome weekend! Sounds like you had a blast. I can't wait to read your book when it gets published,


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