Saturday, February 25, 2012

Online window shopping

I love online shopping. You hit a few keys and - poof - something shows up at your door a few days later. OK, so it's not quite that miraculous. And there is some money exchanged.  But still. It's so much fun.  I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately ... but I've stopped myself before I actually spend the cash. I remind myself that I don't NEED any of these things.  It's fun to look though.

Here are a few things I want, but totally shouldn't buy myself:

I have a ton of Rangers shirts. I really don't need another one, although I can neither confirm nor deny that I am planning to purchase a new shirsey when I'm in Arizona for Spring Training next month.

Yep, that's a Fred Hoiberg shirt. I wish it it was different colors and not so cartoon-looking, but it's Fred. On a shirt.  So much love.

I keep seeing people rave about Patagonia jackets. And now I want one. But I have three perfectly fine winter coats, and I don't like wearing coats otherwise. So do I really need one?

I have Vol. 1 of this game.  I absolutely love it. I play it quite often. I rented Vol. 2 and didn't care for the song selection, but I really want Vol. 3.  I keep waiting for the price to go down, but it's only dropped about a dollar since Christmas time. I guess I'll keep waiting.

Monica at RunEatRepeat wrote about this book a few days ago, and I'm intrigued. But I have so many books on my "to-read" list, and there are six books on my Kindle I haven't even cracked. I've been using my free time for WRITING a book instead of reading one. I really don't need to purchase another book only to have it sit there for a year before I get to it.

I love love love this Iowa company. I picked this shirt up for Jenn a few years ago, and I'm wishing I'd gotten one for myself. There's still time, I mean, they're not sold out or anything, but I already have a massive t-shirt collection. I really don't need another one. Do I?

I'm going to Mary Kay Career Conference for the first time next month. This means I really should buy a skirt suit.  I didn't realize how expensive they are, and I'm especially hesitant to spend a lot of dough on clothes when I plan on the size changing in the next few months.  I like this one a lot though. And $91 isn't so bad, right?  I just wish I could try it on.  I have weird (read: broad) shoulders. Even with Overstock's excellent return policy, I'm having a hard time jumping on this.

Do you get the online shopping bug?
How do you fight it? 
How do you justify it?


  1. I definitely get the online shopping bug all the time. Oddly, what sparks shopping binges is usually seeing a great deal posted on a couponing blog!

    How I fight it: It's a 4-step process.
    1) Do NOT sign into my account with whatever site I'm shopping on. This is very important, because being signed in makes it too easy to hit "buy now."
    2) Browse whatever, and hit "add to cart" on whatever the heck I want. This satisfies the urge to look around and imagine how much I might like the purchases.
    3) While I'm still not signed in, go over my cart with a more critical eye, deleting the items I don't absolutely need.
    4) If there's anything left in the cart, go for it!

    I justify all of this by the fact that I've added a TON of pieces to my professional wardrobe in the last 5 months without paying anywhere near full price for a single item. But, "needing to beef up my work wardrobe" can only work for so long. Not sure what my next justification will be! :)

  2. Luckily, I havent been bitten by the online shopping bug too often. I am often disappointed when I buy stuff online so it makes it easier for me to stop myself when I see things I want. I like that skirt suit though.

  3. My online shopping is almost exclusively Texas Ranger related. It is so bad but I am loving finding different shirts! ;)

  4. Love how things just go "poof" ~ It's wonderful! I also love that blogging t-shirt. Going to have to go check it out now!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  5. Suit shopping (especially online) is tough -- Macy's has good deals for suits though sometimes...

    Courtney ~


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