Sunday, April 29, 2012

April afterthoughts

I feel like I just did my March recap.  How is it the end of April already?  Seriously.

This month was a little up and down.  Aren't they all?  

The downs ...

:: Travel headaches.  I'm so glad to have friends in the airline industry who can get me discounted flights, but flying standby (or space available) on a holiday weekend can be a real pain.

:: I made very little progress on my novel. I knew things would slow down once my favorite boys of summer got back in action, but three chapters in a whole month is pretty sad. 

:: A significant shift in a valued friendship.  It's not completely lost, but it's definitely damaged.  And that makes me sad.

:: I hit a bit of a plateau in my weight-loss journey.  I'm sure it's because of all the travel (read: slacking).

The ups ...

:: Baseball started!!  Better yet, my Rangers are off to a really hot start.

:: I was in Texas for Opening Weekend.  I watched Opening Day at the home of a good friend I hadn't seen in four years.  I was in Rangers Ballpark for game two of the season.  It was a loss, but the day definitely wasn't.  I met up with some Rangers fans I've only talked to online, and got to be in my favorite place in the world.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, was enough to ruin that for me.

:: Sweet words from someone I admire.  I shared a portion of my novel with that person, and they responded with sweet words and lots of encouragement.  It was a serious boost for me.

:: I performed Zumba in public, and the weather got nice enough for some serious running.  Love it.

:: Tony Lucca advanced to the final eight on "The Voice."  So so so so proud of my boy.

It was a pretty balanced month, overall.  I can't really complain.

Now, I'm looking forward to all May has to offer.

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  1. I too had a shift in a friendship, it does suck, I unfortunately know. Hang in there. But yeah where in the heck did April go?!?!?!


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