Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... that my DVR is quickly filling up.
Baseball consumes my evenings now, so my TV shows take a backseat.
Maybe I'll catch up on all my shows by Memorial Day.

... to be excited about getting to bed before ten.
It happened a few nights ago, and it was heavenly.
I'm still trying to catch up on sleep after my trip.

... to be kind of addicted to making my own chicken wings at home.
They're cheaper and far tastier than restaurant options.
So far, I've only done garlic parmesan and garlic pepper.
Anyone have a great flavor they want to suggest?

... to already be counting down the days until my next Rangers game.
25 days.

... to have a new life goal of taking two weeks of vacation to go on tour 
with one of my favorite musicians.
I had a dream about this the other night, and this needs to happen.
I love being a merch girl, and more than one musician has jokingly said they need to take me on tour.
I'm too much of a homebody to enjoy it for long, but two weeks might be fun.

... to listen to Automatic Loveletter and Kate Voegele on repeat all day.
Their music has been speaking to me lately.

... to realize that when people break my heart, they're doing me a favor.
It doesn't feel like it in the moment. At all.
But over time, I've learned those who broke my heart (and not just romantically) were helping me see who I do and don't need in my life.
Again, it's not a fun lesson, but my nature is to be loyal to a fault.
Pain is the only way I let go.

... to be really excited about seeing Miranda Lambert with my bestie 
this summer at the Iowa State Fair.
I managed to wrangle some decent (but not great) tickets in the fan pre-sale for her show.
I've been a fan of Miranda since she was on "Nashville Star," but I haven't seen her live since '06.
I can't wait.

... to really miss those warm temperatures we had a few weeks ago.
I loved those days of 70s and 80s. 
Why are we now having freeze warnings?
And snow in the forecast?
Is it summer yet?

What's OK with you?


  1. It was 95 degrees the other day and today it's 63... And we are suppose to get rain this weekend. What the heck mother nature?

  2. OOh I miss the warm weather too! This cold is not fun at all! Im so jealous your going to see Miranda Lambert!

  3. Love Kate Voegele! Is it terrible that I first heard of her through One Tree Hill though?!

    And I'm anti this cold weather! I was all ready to bust out my spring clothes and then we were back in chunky sweater weather!


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