Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm back from my mini-vacation.  I had a fantastic time with my best friend and her husband.  I hadn't seen them since their wedding in November, and it was nice to just kind of hang out without the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations.  While I was there, I got to visit two new ballparks (I've now been to 10 of the 30 active parks ... who wants to help me get to the other 20?), see Tyrone Wells and Joe Brooks in concert (so fabulous!) and eat some really great food.  It was an awesome trip.

And now it's Wednesday, which means a short week of work ... 
... and also time to link up with Jamie.

I'm loving ...

... Tony Lucca.
Tony and me at a house concert in 2010.
He may not have won "The Voice," but I could not be prouder of him.
He showed the nation what he could do and handled himself with class.

...  that summer is almost here.
I can feel it. I can smell it.
I can't wait.

... Josh Hamilton.
Josh and me on Opening Day in 2009.
Last night, Josh hit four home runs in a single game.
Simply unbelievable.
Then again, that's kind of been the theme of Josh's career.

... having more time to read now that my novel is complete.
Well, almost.  I'm going to start proofreading it this weekend.
I still need to come up with a title.
... the Ally Condie "Matched" series.
 I listened to the first book during my recent travels, 
and I had a hard time turning it off.
I'm anxious to see what she does with the second and third book.

... wearing clothes that previously didn't fit.
I'm currently wearing pants I bought a few years ago.
They were too tight then, but they fit perfectly today.
Amazing feeling.

... Joe Brooks.

It was great seeing him live last weekend when he opened for Tyrone Wells.
He was funny and adorable, 
and he sounded just as great in person as he does in recordings.

... coffee.
I didn't have any coffee during my trip.
I really missed it.

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