Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

I'm loving ...

... this short work week.
Although it'll still feel like a normal week.
Or longer.


... Crystal Light lemonade.
I love love love lemonade.
But my body doesn't love all that sugar.
This is a nice substitute.


... planning a late summer road trip to Chicago.
I need to see Todd Carey.
I'm going to make this happen. 


... Abita Strawberry Harvest.
 I have been looking for it forever.
It was worth the search.


... seeing good things happen to friends.
New jobs, new loves, new adventures.
I seriously enjoy being a spectator in this.


... Madi Diaz.

She opened for Rachel Platten on Sunday.
She was fantastic. 


... silly, pointless crushes.
More on this in Friday's post.
I know the suspense will kill you.


... this dress on ModCloth.
I'm just not sure I could wear a bra with it.
And I definitely can't go bra-less.


... making (slow) progress toward publishing my book.
Edits have begun.
Conversations about the cover have begun.
There is still much to do, but at least it's moving.


What are you loving? 
Tell me in the comments or link up with Jamie


  1. Almost done with my edits (there are not many). So sorry it's taken so long, it's been crazy. I've enjoyed reading it again. :)

    I love silly crushes too. Mine are usually unrealistic (i.e. Craig Gentry). Can't wait to read Friday's post!


  2. Putting Abita Strawberry on my grocery list now!!!

  3. I love Crystal Light lemonade too, and that dress from ModCloth. I have been hearing a lot about Abita lately.. I need to try it! I love a good beer.


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