Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... to be frustrated when a nail color doesn't look as good as I wanted it to.
I like the way my nails look painted, but I'm pretty impatient about the drying process.
So the unhappiness meant I had to repeat the process.

... to be excited about putting together a giveaway package.
I hope other people like it too.
It will be up next week.
Get ready!

... to be disappointed that an artist I was trying to book at my brother's bar has opted to play at a different venue in the same city.
I worked really hard to try and make it happen.
The booking agent wasn't all that cooperative.
I guess they wanted to play at the other (much smaller) venue instead.
I'm pretty bummed about the whole deal.

... to be happy about seeing old friends this weekend.
I'm headed to the wedding of one of my college roommates.
I'm sad some of our other roomies can't make it,
but I'm looking forward to seeing those who do.

... to be sad that my gym cancelled the class I went to on Tues./Thurs.
Only four of us showed up regularly, so it wasn't feasible to keep it.
I understand, but I miss it.

... to be uncertain about the future.
I feel like I'm limbo in so many areas of my life.
I want to feel more settled.
How do I get there?
... to be eager for a new phone.
I'm overdue for a discounted upgrade.
But I'm waiting in hopes of saving more money.
My patience is being tested.

... to have emotions.
It doesn't make me weak.
It doesn't make me unstable.
It makes me real.

... to close out this post with a great song.

I seriously could not relate more to this song (which starts about a minute in, BTW).
Thank you, Kelly Clarkson.

What's OK with you?


  1. I completely agree with the nail frustrating!!! I also saw an old friend today and it was rejuvenating :)

  2. Wish I had some clever words of advice to help you being with you limbo... I just know for me one day it just clicked. I knew what I wanted to do and how I was going to do it. :)


  3. If you're looking to get an iPhone, the trick is probably to wait until a new one comes out and then get the "old" one on the cheap. I got a 4 right as the 4S was coming out. My boss saw my phone, pulled his out, and said, "Yeah...I only have a 3" and let out a dejected sigh. People are weird about wanting the newest technology all the time!
    That stinks about the gym. Good workouts are hard to find.

  4. With you on the emotions thing...I have been super up and down lately. I just credit it to being a girl. YEAH!? Hope it gets better and good luck with saving money!


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