Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's OK to be Thankful Thursday

I missed the double link-up last week.
I'm back to right that wrong today.

Its Ok Thursdays

Read on to find out what's on my mind this week ...

It's OK ... that I'm antsy to get my book finished and published.
I'm thankful ... to have dedicated friends helping me with the process.


It's OK ... that I enjoyed all my solo time last weekend.
I'm thankful ... I didn't have plans Saturday since I didn't have water and was unable to shower.


It's OK ... that I'm not the best at managing money.
I'm thankful ... for online banking and bill pay.


It's OK ... that I'm ready for my municipal band commitments to end.
I'm thankful ... I've had the opportunity to play (and earn money) this summer.


It's OK ... that I'm still learning how to care for plants.
I'm thankful ... my tomato plant has a few tomatoes on it!


It's OK ... that some days I feel old, and other days I still have no clue where my life is going.
I'm thankful ... my life didn't turn out as planned. It's been full of surprises.


It's OK ... to love being single (most of the time).
I'm thankful ... many of my friends are single too, so we can do single girl things.


It's OK ... that I'm way excited to have 4th of July plans.
I'm thankful ... for kind co-workers who have invited me to party with them.


And finally ...


  1. omgggg I love your someecards it's okay post! such a fabulous idea. those cards are awesome and they are PERFECT for your post!

  2. I love the money someecard. How true it is!

  3. hey you.... your blog is great! follow each other??? let me know ok!


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