Friday, June 29, 2012

Clutter turned into art

I have a confession to make ...

I am a pack rat.

Don't call the producers of "Hoarders" yet.  I'm not that bad.

But I probably do hold onto things far longer than I need to.

My family knows this, as I've refused to let my mom throw out my box full of *NSYNC t-shirts (they'll be a quilt someday), and I agonized over which childhood toys to keep, since she told me I could only retain one rubbermaid tub full.  Mean, right?  (I'll share a few of those treasures tomorrow, by the way.)

My closest friends know this.  IThey've either helped me move or seen all the boxes in my guest room.  They're full of photos (real ones!), autographed memorabilia and random notes and clippings I deem valuable.

And now my blog followers know it.

I keep all kinds of random things, including concert and baseball tickets and press passes from my days as a reporter.  Last Saturday night, I decided to make some art out of these items.  I saw another blogger had done this, but I cannot for the life of me find her entry, so if it was you, please chime in on the comments.

Because I'm such a pack rat, I had no shortage of frames.  I only had to decide how big of a collage I wanted to make.

Then, I had to find all the ticket stubs.  No easy feat, and this is the part that took me the longest.  I swear they were all in one place at one time, but I don't know anymore.  I had to open about six boxes and go through a few old purses to find everything I wanted.  And I still didn't find all of them, but I feel like I got a good balance.

Finally, I had to figure out the layout.  I spent about an hour on this, placing all the photos and then, when I was happy, securing them.

Here's the finished product:

It includes:
Stickers from some of my favorite musicians
Stubs from a few of my favorite concerts
Press passes from 2007, when I got to interview presidential candidates 
Tickets from sporting events (mostly baseball, but there is one football ticket there)

And  now I feel like I want to do more crafts.
Off to Pinterest I go ...


  1. I need to have all my college t-shirts and camp t-shirts made into quilts. Because what my house needs is more blankets (um, I may be a blanket hoarder and believe that I need one for every season/holiday).

  2. Too cute!!! I saw this thing on Pinterest where you use a shadowbox, decorate the backdrop with something "tickety" or whatever you want, and then leave the top open and collect them in there... something I need to do because I'm the same way with ticket stubs...

  3. I really need to do this. I have a spare room full of boxes that I keep meaning to get to. Um, yea.....I have the whole thing redone in my head. I have no clue what is even in the boxes. I did something like that with some stuff I hade once. Very cute idea.

  4. This is such a great idea! I'm going to have to gather all my ticket stubs, band tickets, etc. and give this a try.

  5. I think it was probably my post that you saw because I just recently did this! Love how yours turned out!!


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