Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... to wake up every morning thinking about how I get to sleep in on Saturday.
It's been a long, exhausting week. 
My sleep schedule is all out of whack.
I'm skipping Saturday's alarm.


... not to ignore that midnight text despite the aforementioned lack of sleep.
I knew exactly who it was from when I heard the notification tone.
And I wanted to read it. More than I wanted to sleep.
I'm happy to lose sleep over that.


... to fall asleep on the couch during the Rangers game.
Last night, I dozed off after Adrian Beltre's first home run of the game.
Next thing I knew, I heard the broadcasters say he had just hit his third of the game.
I missed the team's nine-run outburst. Thank goodness for DVR.


... to regularly look at the Green Mountain Coffee site with longing.
So many coffees I want and would love to store.
I wish they were available in stores, but they aren't. At least not near me.
And at this point, I just can't justify spending money on yummy coffee.

... to be amused that I followed up three items about sleep with one about coffee.
Coincidence? Yes. I honestly didn't think about it.
Hilarious?  Definitely. I chuckled when I read back through and noticed.
Clearly, I know all about balance.


... to wish I could go to the Rangers game on Saturday.
Some of my favorite Rangers girls are having a pre-game tailgate party.
And the organization is giving away a Ron Washington bobblehead.
Calls to Nolan requesting a private jet have been ignored.


... to slack on cooking for a little bit.
My meals lately have been whatever's easy and still somewhat healthy.
But I'm getting bored with it, and when I get bored I buy bad food.
Clearly, I can't let that happen, so I'm going to start planning menus again.


... to try and convince my family to take a vacation instead of buying Christmas gifts.
Presents are fun, but I don't need them.
I'd rather spend that money on time with my parents and brother.
Let's do it, family.


... that I've been to three weddings in the past year and it feels like a lot.
I moved away from Iowa right after college, so I missed out on that bridal wave.
And it seems my friends are in the midst of another right now.
Not that I'm complaining. They've all been great weddings.


What's OK with you?


  1. Aw, I wish Nolan had returned those calls and text! I want you to come so much. We will take lots of pictures and photoshop you into them!!! I can not WAIT until we get to see you again....we won't recognize you I am sure because you will be so are so tiny!

  2. I'm trying to go to at least one more baseball game before the end of the season- and actually tailgate for the first time in years! And I totally agree on the vacation- I'd much rather have an experience as a gift than get a physical present.

  3. I was with you on the sleeping in on Saturday- NO alarm for me this morning. It was awesome!!!

    I think a vacation rather than presents for Christmas is an awesome idea. I may have to propose this to my family this year :)


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