Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Social Media,
Sometimes I really hate you.  You've spoiled several TV shows and movies for me.  I still have not watched the season finale of two shows from last fall or "The Dark Knight Rises" because social media ruined it for me.  What's the point of watching if I already knows what happens? Someone said I could just stay off Twitter, and that seems like a simple solution.  Except that I'm on Twitter to discuss something else I'm watching.  I filter out the hashtag of the show I don't want spoiled, but when people don't use it, I'm screwed.  It's not the end of the world, but it is disappointing.  And that's why I complain.  I realize it won't change anyone's activity, but I just want to vent. OK?


Dear Mary Kay Microdermabrasion Set,
Thank you for rescuing my skin and making it feel amazing again. 


Dear grocery store checkout girl,
Thank you for telling me I looked "lovely" yesterday.  It completely made my Thursday.


Dear iced cinnamon bun latte,
You also made my Thursday much better.


Dear baby Jacob,
You weren't content to stay in your mommy's belly past week 28, so now you're here.  I pray that feisty and stubborn spirit will continue and help you grow strong in the coming weeks.  And then maybe you can use it to annoy your parents too. Ha ha. But seriously, I'm praying for your entire family and sending good thoughts your way.


Dear Rangers,
You are finally looking like a team that wants to play in October.  The last few series have been very encouraging.  Keep it up.  Some of my very lucky friends have postseason tickets.  I would prefer they don't get any refunds.  That sounds mean, but it's really not.


Dear Perry Bluejays,
I am so tempted to make the trip to Jefferson tonight to watch the annual Cowbell Game.  But I haven't lived in Perry for 18 months, and I have no connections to the team, so I feel a bit weird about it.  Also, it's a two-hour drive.  So, I guess I'll just stay home and watch the online scoreboard.  Go Bluejays!


Dear weekend,
I am so excited to see you again.  You have no idea.


Happy Friday everyone!


  1. HAHA!!!! I think I can speak for all your Ranger friends when I say we will very happily give up any and all refunds for the ability to see every stinking game we paid for and hopefully, 4 wins in the last series of the year!
    I am excited to get home tonight and see if my books are here!!! Have a great friday!

  2. Great letters! That drink sounds good! Thinking of baby boy. I've been thinking of trying the Mary Kay set.

  3. little compliments from people you least expect are the best! lovely letters :) stopping by from the linkup!

    xo Britta


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