Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rainy Saturday = TV time

First things first. Those of you who have me in your Google Reader might have seen a post from me earlier that was not supposed to appear on this blog.  That was supposed to go on my private blog, but in a rush, I clicked onto the wrong dashboard.  Oh well, I guess you got a little more than you bargained from me.  That happens sometimes.  And I guess if you're going to judge me, you're going to judge me.  I'll live.

Now, onto the real entry...

It's rainy outside today, and I am actually more than OK with that.  It fits my mood today and will encourage me to slow down a little.  I want to go for a walk or run later, but if it doesn't happen, oh well.  In the meantime, I'm going to get caught up on my DVR and maybe start in on "Drop Dead Diva."

A friend has let me borrow seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.  She thinks I'll really like the show, and given that a lot of my other friends like it, I probably will.  They also had Andy Davis on as a guest star earlier this year, and I love him, so they've already won a few points from me.

I already watch way too much TV, but I enjoy it, so it's not really wasted time, right?  Either way, if this turns out like my friend predicts, I will have another show to add to my DVR recordings list. 

I currently have 24 shows under my "series manager."  That means 24 shows I record every time they're on.  It only really becomes a problem during baseball season.  My evenings are reserved for the Texas Rangers, so my other shows usually have to wait until after the game (if it's not too late) or the weekend. 

Yeah, I told you I had a little bit of a TV addiction. But I'm not the least bit apologetic about it.

How many TV shows do you watch regularly?


  1. When I had DirecTV, my DVR was a godsend. It never failed me. We have a cable company now, and it'll record re-runs over and over, but will fail to record the new episodes of my favorite shows unless I remind it. I truly don't trust my DVR. (What a problem, right?)

  2. I just finished season 3 of Drop Dead Diva also! its patiently waiting for you when you get around to it! :-) I found season 3 to be a little frustrating, but I still love the show! I hear season 4 is also frustrating.

    Otherwise I think i only have 4 or 5 shows I MUST watch weekly... if I miss one, I will find it online at a later time!

  3. Saw your post...I'm so sorry!

    I love The Amazing Race and Army Wives. Those are my favorites!



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