Monday, August 27, 2012

Music Monday: Katie Armiger - "Nice Girl"

I stumbled upon Katie Armiger completely by accident.  And I already love her.  I listened to her album on repeat for two days last week.

This song is my favorite.  I feel like it really hits home for me.  I'm definitely a "nice girl," and people are lucky I tend to gravitate toward that tendency rather than my redheaded Norwegian side.  Ha ha.

I wasn't too surprised when I learned this tune was penned by Sarah Buxton.  I love her too. 

Katie just might be my new obsession.


  1. Great song! I really love Sarah Buxton....she's such a great song writer!


  2. I heard one of her songs for the first time (maybe her 1st single?) in the spring of 2011 when I was home in PA. It was on the local country station and I really liked it. I never heard it on the country stations in Alaska (and still haven't), but I've seen her on CMT.


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