Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

One good thing about having Monday off is that Wednesday has arrived rather quickly.  
The weekend is almost here!  I can't wait.

For now, it's time to link up with Jamie and gush about things that are making me happy this week.

I'm loving ...

... the great times and conversations I had with friends last weekend.
I caught up with almost everyone I wanted to while I was in Central Iowa.
Kathleen, Jamie, Jaci, Ashley, Wes, my brother ... good times all around.


... getting back to my routine after being away for a few days.
I had fun being "off," but I am definitely a creature of habit.
I need my schedule more than I thought.
And I love sleeping in my own bed.


... that my body is getting stronger.
I've gotten a lot of comments on how much weight I've lost.
And that's great, but the biggest thing I've noticed is how strong I am.
I am running more than nine miles a week and inching toward longer runs.
I never thought I could do that. My body is proving me wrong.


... that college football starts two weeks from this Saturday.
I love love love baseball, but I'm ready for some football.
Some Cyclone football, to be exact.
I'll miss Saturdays at Jack Trice this year, but I'll be tuning in anyway.


... having wagers on two Iowa State football games this fall.
It always makes the games a little more fun.
I never bet actual money.
Pride is a higher form of currency.


... tentatively planning for Spring Training.
I had so much fun this past March.
I would love to meet up with more of my Rangers girls this time around.
Only time will tell if Surprise, Arizona can handle that.


...  the Seche Vite top coat a friend suggested to me.
I've used it once and I am sold.
It helped my nails dry so fast.
Thanks Lisa!


... that I get to see two of my college friends this weekend.
My friend, Ann, is getting married, and I'm rooming with Amy.
I haven't seen either of them in nine years. 
This reunion is long overdue.


What are you loving?


  1. That is so awesome about getting stronger and getting in shape! Way to go!

  2. I cannot wait for college football! Go Buckeyes! :)

  3. I'm so excited about Spring Training!! Wonder if we could cram Spring Training and Vegas into one trip? Arizona isn't THAT far from Vegas (just saying). Weehoo!!

    I'm with you, I LOVE baseball, but am looking forward to football!


  4. So this is the second post IN A ROW that I'm reading about this top coat! I'm going to have to try it!

    So excited for you and your body feeling stronger- you are an inspiration to me! Can't wait until I can say that I ran 9 one time!!

  5. Yay for college football!!

    Oh, and coming back to a full Google Reader wears me out. It's exhausting....sometimes I just click "mark all as read" and go on about my day!



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