Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WLJ: Fine with post-fair number

If you read yesterday's post, you know I spent much of my weekend at the Iowa State Fair.  I knew I wouldn't be able to resist all the yummy fair foods.  Nor did I really want to.

I indulged.  A lot.

It showed up on the scale today.  Just like I knew it would.

And I'm not mad.  Not even a little bit.

I wanted to have fun over the weekend and not care. But that doesn't mean I've taken my eye off my goal.  As it gets closer, I worry less about these little setbacks.  As long as these indulgent times are few and far between, I'm going to be just fine.

Weight-loss goal: 40 lbs.
This week's progress: +2 lbs.
Progress to date: -30 lbs.
Non-scale victory: I walked more than 16 miles in two days at the fair.  And I've been really good about sticking to that 3-mile per day walking goal I set last week. I look forward to my walks --- they've been good for clearing my head and enjoying our unseasonably beautiful weather.


  1. Gosh Micah, I wish when I had a bad week or two it was only a pound or two. I keep gaining and losing the same 5-10 lbs. It is making me nuts. It seems like if I drink, I put on 5 lbs. A weekend of a few drinks and I am 10lbs up. I am drinking only water for now hoping this will resolve it. Good for you in having fun and not feeling guilty about it!

  2. I wouldn't beat yourself up too much over indulging at the fair--after all, the fair's a once a year thing, and there will always be points in our life where we need to enjoy a bit of extra food. :) However, the key is staying on the wagon; don't use it as an excuse to backslide. I think you've got the right idea.

  3. You are awesome! I love the attitude and approach that you take to weight loss and living healthy. It's so great that you can go 'off track' for a few days, know that it's okay and jump right back on. You are an inspiration to me!

    PS- Got my first WW "star" this week- lost the first 5 lbs since I've been doing WW! It was exciting- I knew you'd understand :)


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