Friday, September 21, 2012

I believe ...

I believe in turning off the alarm one day a week. (Usually Sunday for me.)

I believe in a glass of wine at the end of a good day.  Or a bad one.

I believe in valuing time with family.

I believe in friends who feel like family.

I believe in kitty snuggles -- voluntary or not.

I believe in the Golden Rule.

I believe in baseball ... a slow curve ball, a big home run, a beautiful double play, rookie debuts and memorable games.

I believe in college football ... QB sacks, punts inside the 20 and overtime wins.

I believe in music and the way it can unlock memories and emotions.

I believe in supporting independent musicians and never giving away their music for free.

I believe in guilty pleasures ... and not feeling guilty about them at all.

I believe in celeb crushes, girl crushes, music crushes, sports crushes and Twitter crushes.

I believe in writing as a form of therapy and expression.

I believe in daydreaming.

I believe in God and Jesus, but have some serious issues with organized religion.

I believe in exercise being good for the body and the mind.

I believe in iced coffee with skim milk and sugar-free vanilla.

I believe in TV on DVD marathons.

I believe in never apologizing for how you feel.

I believe in love but I don't think everyone finds it.

I believe in respect, honesty and good grammar.

I believe in repairing friendships that are important.

I believe in karma.

I believe in me.

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  1. I believe my dogs will never, ever let me sleep in. Aside from that, the rest of this is truth!

  2. Love this list :) I was smiling the whole time. Great beliefs!


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