Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's OK Thursday

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It's OK ...

... that after the Rangers lost the game and the division yesterday, I ate my feelings and skipped my workout. A run probably would have helped my mood, but I went the other direction. I just wanted to lay on the couch and rest my broken sports heart. I know it's just a game, and you can think I'm ridiculous if you want, but I was sad.

... to be even sadder that I might not get to see Friday's wild card game as the Rangers host the Orioles.  Despite the heartache they've given me the past few weeks, they are my team. Friday's match-up may or may not be the last game of the season, and I won't get to see it.  Sigh. I have plans, and as long as they stay put, I will be otherwise engaged during game time.  Thank goodness for smartphones? 

... to watch the presidential debates and then wish you'd spent the time reading or catching up on DVR.  Neither candidate said anything new. It was a lot of chatter, and it made my head hurt.  Twitter and Facebook might have contributed too.

... to lose respect for people who refer to the opposing candidate by using a condescending or derogatory nickname. We have a President and a Governor in the race.  And they have names.  Using a combination of those things is logical.  Calling them anything else makes you look childish and unintelligent. And I don't have friends with those characteristics, mmmkay?

... to look at my full October calendar and be simultaneously excited and overwhelmed.  There are so many fun things happening in the coming weeks, but I like lazy weekends on the couch too.  I might only get one of those this month.  Ah well, winter is coming soon, right?

... to do a search for "healthy cake batter shake" and be excited when you find one Sure it's almost 10 WW points for a serving, but that's probably a third of what the ColdStone or Zombie Burger versions contain.  I'm definitely going to be trying that shake next week.  (Like I said, I ate my feelings yesterday, so my extra WW points are dwindling.)

... to be excited about all the people I get to see this weekend.  Seriously, I cannot wait.


What's OK with you?


  1. I will scream for you Friday night, I promise to be extra loud and I will probably lose my voice. We are going to win. I have a feeling. I haven't had that feeling yet. I have it now. We are going to win tomorrow!!!
    Everywhere I went yesterday I kept seeing one word. BELIEVE. It was on emails I got. It was on my bosses computuer screen saver. She just handed me a stack of pamphlets with BELIEVE on them and asked me to take them to Run On in Coppell. Go out, have fun and get ready to take on the Yankees!

  2. Thank you for number 4! I think so many people shy away from politics because of the deorgatory remarks on both sides. It can be SO negative and it is such a turn-off! I do want to make an informed decision when casting my vote and other people's negativity and name-calling toward one candidate isn't going to help sway me!


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