Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I'm loving ...

... the gorgeous fall leaves.
I'm so glad I live in a region where this change of colors happens.
I really missed this display when I was living in Texas.


... my brand new Mary Kay Lash Primer.
I've been wanting this product for months.
I finally got to order some for myself, and I'm loving it.
My mom ordered it too, so obviously it's awesome.


... that I'm in the 1 p.m. wave for this weekend's Color Run.
I only realized it was an afternoon race last weekend.
There are two waves 1 p.m and 4 p.m. I prayed I'd be in the earlier wave.
And I am, which means I can still get home and see most of the ISU football game.


... the socks I bought for aforementioned Color Run.
Aren't they super fun?
I am so beyond excited for this event.


... the text I received after the Rangers' important win on Sunday.
I've gone on one date with him, and I was kind of on the fence about him.
The fact that he's paying attention to how my team is doing says something.
He definitely earned some points with his gesture.


... the people who have bought my new book.
I was really surprised by the first two purchasers.
But I'm grateful to everyone who purchases a copy.
I love that you're supporting my dreams.


... when my cats do something cute.
 The other night, I caught Casey sleeping on her back with her paws in the air.
She woke up just as I snapped her photo.
It's grainy because it's a cellphone pic in low light. Sorry!

What are you loving?



  1. LOVE the Color Run socks. They are perfect!!


  2. I work out in neon socks and neon shoes. Makes it more fun!
    Good luck on the race this weekend :)


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