Friday, December 28, 2012

It's cool to be kind

For the last month or so, I've been following Holly's Random Acts of Christmas Kindness (RACK) adventures.  I was inspired by her actions and I had begun thinking about how I could adopt my own list of random acts to do in the new year. But that's all I was doing ... thinking about it.

And then yesterday, my best friend posted this on Facebook:

She was the recipient of a random act of kindness.  And even though I've been following Holly's tales and imagining the joy she was spreading, my friend's experience made it even more real.  This stranger made her day and didn't even wait for a "thanks."  He'll never know how much his good deed meant.

But I do.

I know how a small, anonymous gesture can impact someone's day, week and general outlook on humanity.  We keep hearing about all the bad things in the world, but maybe it's time to spread awareness of the good.

After my friend's experience, I'm more motivated than ever to begin my own random acts of kindness campaign.  I'm tentatively planning to do two tasks each month.  That's 24.  Not too bad, right?  It's totally doable.  I think I'll do it on the first and third Monday of each month.  Why not start the week right? But I'm having a hard time coming up with these tasks.  Give me some ideas!!


  1. That is SO amazing!! I'm glad I could inspire you do something like this, and I'm so glad that was done for your friend. I am so amazed at the kindness that exists in this world, and I hope it can keep spreading :)

    I'm going to try to do one RAK a week, even small ones like holding doors open or paying for coffee, but something small could make a huge difference! Your plan sounds really awesome!! Feel free to use any of the ideas from my list or make them your own. Maybe you could drop old clothes off at Salvation Army, or give kids books/toys to a day care. You should also check out this website because a lot of my ideas came from her and she is so inspiring: She started "The Birthday Project", but I'm sure others have done this before, too.

  2. that sounds so great! i think you should definitely write about them too to spread the joy.

    I'm completely brain friend right now, but if I think of any I'll let you know. I'd love to come up with some that don't involve spending money...

  3. Isn't it lovely when you hear about things like this! Hmm, ideas...

    How about taping enough money for a drink to a vending machine, with a note saying "Have one on me"?

  4. I love the whole RACK project and I've really enjoyed spending my time working on my "acts of kindness" and looking for ways to be more kind. It's funny how much it has touched me- I find myself trying to be kinder when I'm driving or waiting in line. I'm so easily impatient but trying to think about spreading kindness has helped me to be a lot more kind and put others first.


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