Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... to have a movie marathon by myself on a Wednesday night.
If you follow me on the Twitter, you know I watched a strange trio of movies last night.
"The Holiday," "Cocktail" and "RENT."
So random. But that's me.
It was a great night. 


... to drink coffee at 6 p.m. while watching aforementioned movies.
I knew it might interfere with my sleep, but I really wanted it.
As it turns out, I was still able to sleep just fine.
Being super tired after some busy days helped.
Yay for coffee.


... to be torn between wanting to date and hoping to be forever alone.
I'm really aggravated with guys and feelings lately.
Part of me wants to find someone to share my awesome.  
Another part of me is afraid someone could steal my awesome.
I don't know.


... that I started on my year-end post already.
It's always interesting to look back at the year behind me.
Maybe that's why New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday.
It feels like a chance to evaluate what I learned (or should have learned).
I'm more than ready for a clean slate.


... to be really jealous of other blogger meet-ups.
I want to have a blate (that's a blog date) so bad.
I need to find some more bloggers in Iowa to make that happen.
Anyone out there?
Let's get together!


... to be fed up with everyone I know getting hurt.
I don't like seeing other people sad and going through hard times.
And it seems like bad things always happen to good people lately.
And only to good people.
It's ridiculous.


... to be really anxious about the future.
I sort of feel like my life is on hold at the moment.
And it's more than just the holidays.
There's a lot going on with me.
And I'm antsy to get to the next chapter.


... that I turn to music whenever I need a pick-me-up.

Thank you, Tyrone Wells, for this song.
It's absolutely what I need to hear right now.
Music never ever lets me down.


What's OK with you?


  1. I want to go on a blate too!!! Are you coming out to AZ again for Spring Training? If so we are def meeting up.

  2. you could always plan a vacation to southern california and we could do a tour of where the stars live! :p

    or we could go see tyrone in concert! Did i tell you he played at my church this summer? i couldn't find a date, and my husband was working, so i went alone. so worth it.

  3. I've already started drafting my year-end post too. And I can't wait to get my package, but don't worry if it takes a bit. I hate the post office too. Lol :)


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