Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... that I've watched yesterday's bloggers lip sync video at least a dozen times.
Everyone is so cute, and it's so fun.
I just can't stop hitting "repeat."
I want to do another one!!

... to throw myself a pity party once in a while.
I've had two very stressful months, and I'm surprised I've kept it together this long.
But apparently I have to keep my pity parties off Twitter.
I end up getting mocked if I tweet my feelings.

...  to have concerts in my car.
Two of my roadtrip staples are CDs I call "Car Karoke 1" and "Car Karaoke 2."
I sing along at the top of my lungs to my favorites.
And, yes, I still listen to CDs in my car. So what?

... that I kind of want to see "Pitch Perfect" in theaters this weekend.
Yes, I've seen it once already.
Yes, it's coming out on DVD on Tuesday.
I'm still tempted to get pitchslapped.

... to be really excited about my new Maybooks planner.
I have been browsing their web site for months, but not buying.
Then they offered a 50 pct discount on Cyber Monday.  Sold!!
I'm looking forward to being organized in 2013.

... to start thinking about my goals for the new year.
Yeah, I call them goals, not resolutions.
I really should revisit last year's list to see how I did.
Probably not very well.  Oh well.

... that I'm still not done with Christmas shopping, so I shouldn't worry about New Year yet.
I am about one-third of the way done with my purchases.
I still need a list from my brother.
He's really hard to buy for.

... to have mixed feelings about the sexy Adam Levine dream I had last night.
Yeah, he's nice to look at and everything, and I don't want to seem ungrateful.
But he's not on "the list," so why not one of them?
Or even a few non-celebrities I would prefer?
Oh well.

... to be really excited about my 100th follower giveaway.
I passed the century mark earlier this week.
So I'm going to be expressing my gratitude with a bunch of goodies.
Check back Saturday for the details.

... that this cat amuses me to no end.

What's OK with you this week?


  1. I'm sorry you are getting mocked for tweeting your feelings. Do I need to unleash the wrath of Rachel??

    I do love y'all's video, it's so awesome! And I love that song!

    That cat picture is great!


  2. Oh to heck with those idiots on Twitter. I will take them out. I am not afraid of those stupid boys. I mean it. Those bullies days are numbered. I have redhair wrath just waiting to be unleashed!!
    I have cat picture to text you. I was waiting until I knew you were awake.


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