Friday, December 14, 2012

Savoring singlehood at Christmas

So last Friday, I wrote about what I've learned from cheesy Christmas movies about finding love during the holidays.

But let's be honest, it's better to be single during the holidays.

Don't be fooled by the jewelry commercials and love stories depicted in holiday movies.  It's all lies!!! Every kiss DOES NOT begin with Kay, and douchey men do not redeem themselves at the last minute to win your heart. It just doesn't happen.  So don't buy it.

Why does TV insist on telling us that you have to have love to have a perfect holiday season?

The truth is that it is best to ride solo from Thanksgiving through New Year's. Why? I'll tell you why.


You get to spend Christmas with your family only.
I dread the day when I might have to choose where to go on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I selfishly want to just spend all of that time with my parents and brother.  Fortunately, I can do just that without hurting anyone's feelings or bearing the wrath of in-laws.


It's cheaper and less stressful.
I like being a good gifter, which sometimes means I end up spending a little more than I should on presents. Since I don't have a boyfriend or husband, I don't have to worry about that gift. Money saved and the stress of finding "the perfect gift" is avoided.  I can spend more time and money on my family and friends, so they win in this scenario too."


You can watch "The Holiday" and "Love Actually" as many times as you want.
Let's be honest -- no guy is going to want to watch these movies once a week in December.  But I do.  When I'm not tuned into ABC Family, Hallmark or Lifetime, I'm probably watching another sappy Christmas movie that I own.  I might even cry or get all mushy.  And since I'm single, I can do so without judgement.


There's more time to party with friends.
One work party. One family to navigate. That frees up a lot of time to get drinks with friends, see "The Nutcracker Ballet," go to a goody exchange and even go stand in line to meet Santa.  Whatever you want to do, there's plenty of time.


You can be a lip slut on New Year's Eve.
I'm sure it's really awesome to have just one person to kiss at midnight.  I wouldn't know anything about that.  I prefer the element of surprise.  I can go to a party and not have any idea who I'm going to kiss that night.  I could even kiss more than one guy, and that's perfectly fine.  And super fun.


See?  It's so much better to be single this time of year.

I'll keep watching my cheesy holiday love stories, but I'm not going to let them entice me into believing that coupled people have it better.  Clearly, they don't.

Oh, who am I kidding?  The hopeless romantic in me is still very much alive and hopes she goes broke and crazy next Christmas spoiling some guy she has yet to meet.


  1. I completely agree with the first one! I considered myself lucky that both our families lived closeby, but now I envy my friends that have to visit family at Christmas because it's only one or the other. Because my husband's family is so small, they usually come over to my parents house and we all spend it together. But my MIL has already informed me that she'll be having her OWN celebration next year, so we'll have to go over to their house. I jus mumbled sure, but last time I check I was an adult and we can make our own decisions as to how we spend the holidays. It's not that I'm being partial to my family, but it's called an INVITATION not an ORDER. We're not five and she can't just tell us what to do.

    um...okay, so obviously I have issues...#blogpostcommentrant

    and p.s. my husband LOVES Love Actually, he's like a giant teddy bear when it comes to that movie. so there is hope you're special someone will like it too and then you can still watch it! : )

  2. I've never actually done the lip slut thing on NYE, but I've always wanted to. I usually just end up hugging a "pretend kissing" Briggs. lol!

    My ex LOVED Love Actually as well - he said he liked how it focused on every kind of love. I'm pretty sure he has a minor man-crush on Liam too, but I digress...

  3. Lol-- I do agree that Christmas is much easier when you don't have to worry about two families! And I remember the first time I went out to a club after meeting Donny and realizing that I had to keep my lips to myself. Hahaha

  4. I just love E cards!! "The Holiday" was by far my favorite movie when I was single. I just loved hopelessly dreaming about traveling to England and falling in love with a Jude Law...bahahah. I didn't find the love of my life in England but all the single holidays were well spent, now that I've found the one!


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