Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WLJ: Tips for Surviving the Holidays

I loved all the responses to last week's post, asking for advice on avoiding holiday weight gain.

Here's the list I compiled ...

From Kristin (Kristin's kNook):
The best advice I have is to keep working out through the season!


From Jill:
Joe (my boot camp instructor) sent out an email with a few tips recently.

1) dress sexy. if you are wearing something that makes you feel good as opposed to stretchy pants you're not going to want to over-do it on food because you don't want to bust out of your clothes.

2) prepare something healthy as your dish you're bringing so you know whats in it and you can get enough of that on your plate to help you fill up.

3) drink 1 glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume...and drink it before you drink the alcohol.

4) take a break when you're half-way done clearing your plate. stand up, stretch, go get a refill of water. if you are actually full already, and you feel it, throw a dirty napkin over your plate and go throw the rest of the food away. or when you feel like you have eaten your limit of dessert or carbs, whatever, put a napkin over your plate so you aren't tempted to go back for more mindlessly.

5) when it comes to desserts, make up a work-out to work them off BEFORE you go. have a list of what you will do for each piece of dessert you eat (ex: 1 cookie-20 squats, 1 piece of cake-1 minute plank, etc) and hold yourself accountable either by planning your limit ahead of time and doing the exercises before you go or keeping track of what you do eat and forcing yourself to do the exercise when you get home. 


From Jaci (Just Jaci):
I've actually lost weight two out of the previous three holiday seasons. Here are my tips:

1) Make a "Biggest Loser" challenge with some friends. Each person has to put in money to the pot (something reasonable, $10 is plenty) and whoever loses the highest percentage wins the bank! Some nice scratch during the holidays. Or, if money won't work, or if your friends are scattered, maybe do one where you cyber track (send pics of weights to each other so no one cheats) and winner gets a mani/pedi (or something else) from the other "contestants."

2) Wear tight clothing. I have a rule to not eat any meal besides breakfast in anything with elastic. Take this even further and wear something form fitting while you eat/go out. You'll be more conscious.

3) Treat yourself. You can have a small bite of most things without bellying up to the trough. Practice, "taste everything, eat nothing" and don't drink your calories. One wine = a treat. 5 wines = bloated mess.


Neely posted some great tips last week too!


I will keep all of these in mind in the weeks ahead.  And if anyone wants to do a little challenge (like Jaci mentioned), hit me up.  I'll take any motivation!!

Blogger's note:  No weigh-in this week because I am on the road and away from my scale. 

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