Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Job searching is a lot like dating

Over the past several weeks, as I simultaneously utilized online job and dating web sites, I realized the processes are very similar.  It's all a lot of searching, communicating, updating your profile and waiting.  Oh, the waiting. Everyone loves that part, right?  Ugh.

But the similarities are more specific than that.  Allow me to share some evidence for my theory.


Job search: You see the same jobs on multiple web sites.
Online dating: You see the same people on multiple web sites.
This makes sense, really.  The wider the net, the more fish you'll catch, right?

Job search: You sometimes apply for jobs you don't really want just to say you're trying.
Online dating: You sometimes message guys you aren't really interested in just to say you're trying.
Your friends say you're too picky.  You just want to prove you're not.  

Job search: When you apply for a job you really want, every phone notification makes you jump.
Online dating: When you message a guy you really like, every phone notification makes you jump.
You've already arranged your new office or planned your wedding, depending on the scenario.  They just need to give you a chance.

Job search: After the first interview, you obsessively check your phone hoping for a second interview.
Online dating: After the first date, you obsessively check your phone hoping for a second date.
So they've given you a chance, and you really like them.  You just don't know if they like you too. 

Job search: You receive an e-mail that says, "thanks for your interest, but we've chosen a candidate who more closely matches our needs."
Online dating: You receive an e-mail that says, "I really enjoyed meeting you, but I met someone I want to get serious about."
Rejection is rejection in any form.  Bring on the Ben & Jerry's.

Job search: Weeks after receiving aforementioned e-mail, you see the job posted again.
Online dating: Weeks after receiving the aforementioned e-mail, you see the person has been active on the dating site.
Oh, so the real reason was that I just wasn't good enough.  Why didn't you just say that?

Did I cover it all?
Let me know if I missed a good example.


 By the way, I'd be much more excited about getting a job right now than finding a relationship.  Basically, I crave solid income and a sense of worth, and a job provides both of those.  And maybe once I have those, I can think about relationships again.


  1. Oh my goodness. I love this and you are SO right!


  2. GIRL! this is so real. the worst is when you go in, interview for the job, never hear back so you assume they had cuts and never filled it. Then you see the job re-posted so you contact the HR person like "WHAT? How is it possible I'm not awesome enough for you?" then they write you back about how they have not yet found the right person. ugh.
    something i probably wouldn't have done after a date. i need to treat job interviews MORE like dates I think.

  3. Haha-- this is so true!! It's sad but really funny at the same time.

  4. I have got to share this! HILARIOUS!!!!


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