Monday, February 25, 2013

5 for Five

In case you've missed it, life is really crazy for me right now.  Having these 5 for Five posts gives me some semblance of feeling in control and routine.  Thanks so much to Jess and Jenn for hosting this link-up.  I truly love it and look forward to it every week.


Here's how I did last week ...

Get in at least two workouts.
Done and done.
I really like my temporary roommate's gym too. 
I might be joining.

Take my lunch to work at least four of the five days.
Check. I actually took my lunch every day.
Now, I need to work on breakfast.
Anyone have some convenient, filling and easy options?   

Finish "The Happiness Project."
Yay!!  I finished it over one of my lunch breaks.
I'm sure I'll go back to it a few times as I try to work it into my life.
But I'm glad to have finished so I can read something new. 

Set up my voicemail at work.
I am really weird about other people listening to me talk on the phone.
So I waited until my department was virtually empty.
Yeah, I'm strange. 

Start packing up the house.
I spent the weekend relaxing and taking it easy.
But I did show it to some prospective renters and got a bite.
Now I really need to start packing next weekend.

Four out of five isn't too bad, especially considering the chaos in my life.


Get in at least two workouts.
I really need to keep up with my fitness.
It's going to be a busy week for my temporary roommate.
So I may have to get a workout on my own at some point.

Start packing up the house.
It's going to be so tempting to lounge on the couch.
But I really need to get started.
My moving date is looming.

Make dinner for my temporary roommate.
I cooked for her once last week.
But it doesn't feel like enough.
I think she deserves another meal on me.

Take the stairs up at least three out of five days.
I work on the fifth floor, so it's a long hike.
But I need the extra steps and exertion.
Time to just suck it up and do it.

Perform a Random Act of Kindness.
I'm falling behind on my goal of two per month.
Time to jump on that.
I'm sure I'll find something to do this week. 


Come back next week to see how I did.
Happy Monday everyone!  

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  1. I lived on the 4th floor of my dorm in college. I hated waiting for the elevator so I usually took the stairs. Once it became a habit, the four floors didn't even feel like that big of a deal. Plus it does help with your daily calorie burn!


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