Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... that I haven't been able to read blogs and comment as much as I want lately.
Life is a bit crazy for me right now.
And I think I may need to cut down on my blog subscriptions.
That's going to be a REALLY tough decision.


... to have a strange form of social anxiety.
I assume people don't like me upon first meeting me.
And then I feel like I have to work to win them over and keep them liking me.
I get really paranoid and sad when I think I'm "losing" someone.


... to simultaneously be dreading and excited about moving.
I hate packing.  Absolutely hate it.
But I'm eager to stop this weird commute and get closer to friends and family.
Hopefully I can get it all done quickly.


... that I'm already thinking about the things I'll get to do once I move.
More 5Ks, Farmer's Market, breweries, yoga in the park, etc.
There are going to be so many amenities for me to enjoy.
I cannot wait.


... that I have a new obsession with the show, "Impractical Jokers."
It's basically a lot of improv comedy involving unsuspecting people.
The cast is hilarious and I've had a few belly laughs.
Shout out to my temporary roommate, Courtney, for introducing me to this show. 


... that I've gained a little weight during this chaotic period in my life.
It's hard to keep a routine when so many other things are changing.
I haven't given up on my goal.
I'll get back at it soon.


... that nothing happened on the set-up I requested from another blogger.
I guess she decided I wasn't worthy.  Or he did.
Either way, they're wrong.  His loss.
Someday someone will see how awesome I am.


... that I'm still counting my blessings after my scary moment last Friday.
I still can't believe I never left the road and wasn't hit.
Someone was definitely looking out for me. 
And I'm pretty sure I know who it was.
What's OK with you?


  1. I have the same kind of social anxiety. I never know what to say past the "Hi, I'm Kristin, how are you?"
    I haven't been blogging/commenting as much as I want either, but I have been reading. Commenting takes time!
    Glad you're okay after Friday!

  2. Having moved at the beginning of Feb, January was an overwhelming month for me. I kept telling myself I needed to pack, needed to pack, but made (too) slow progress. I ended up getting sick, giving up, going on travel, and coming back to pack boxes hours before movers arrived.
    Fingers crossed your move goes smoothly!


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