Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I'm loving ...

... all the wonderful people who helped me during my transition and move.
Jaci, Courtney and Paul housed me and fed me over the course of six weeks.
I so appreciated them opening up their homes to me without hesitation.
For moving, I had the help of Mandy, Hannah, Josh, Paul, Rebecca and, of course, Mom and Dad.
Saturday was a really long and exhausting day, but it would have been moreso without this help.
I cannot express my full gratitude with words, but rest assured I am thankful.


... my new apartment.
It's significantly smaller than my house, but that means less to clean, right? Ha.
No, really. It's a great place. 
The location is perfect, and the staff has been stellar.
I don't have everything organized or unpacked yet, but it's starting to feel a little like home.


... the coffee grinder my parents gave me as an apartment warming gift.
It was totally unnecessary, but definitely appreciated.
There's nothing like freshly ground coffee.
The smell is amazing, and I think it tastes better too.
I look forward to starting many mornings with a cup.


... the advice I received from author Jessica Park.
I was interacting with her on Facebook a few weeks ago, and she looked at my book sales page.
She advised me to make some changes to my pricing to move more books. It worked.
I am so touched that she took the time to help little old me.
By the way, I highly recommend her book, "Flat-Out Love." 
I'm eager to dig into the companion piece, "Flat-Out Matt."


... that I found a local gym to join and a workout buddy.
I was looking for somewhere with a variety of classes that wasn't too pricey or intimidating.
My friend, Kelly, told me about the place she works out, and I went to check it out.
The facility is great, the class selection is exciting and the staff is really friendly.
I'm ready to get back on track with my fitness, and it'll be fun to hang out with Kelly, too.


... that Rangers baseball will be back on Sunday.
I haven't been able to keep up with spring training as much as usual.
I'm unfamiliar with a few players on the Opening Day roster.
And I don't know how many west coast games I'll make it through with my new job.
But I'm still ready for my favorite boys to be back in my life.
I'm anxious to see what this group of players can do. 


... the new song by Pink.

It gets stuck in my head almost every time I hear it.
She's coming to Des Moines in November, and I would love to go to the show.
The last time I saw her perform, she was opening up for 'N Sync in 2000.
It's safe to say she's changed since then.


What are you loving this week?


  1. Yay great things to love! That's so cool that Jessica Park helped you out, I love that book! And yay for joining a gym, way to go! :)

  2. I am so glad you are settled! I can't wait for baseball either!!

  3. Yesss baseball!! Glad you found a gym and are getting settled in!


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