Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Currently ...

Wondering ... how I am going to organize all of my stuff.  Over the weekend, I moved from a three bedroom, 1K square foot house to a one bedroom, 650 square foot apartment.  Even though I purged a lot, I still have way too much stuff.  Looks like I'll be doing some more tossing.  Sigh.

Loving ... living closer to family and lots of friends.  It's also nice to be in a metro area, where there is a lot more to do.

Watching ... "The Voice."  Yep, I'm writing this post on Monday evening.  I didn't watch the last season of "The Voice."  I was still miffed about my boy, Tony Lucca, getting mistreated by Christina.  I don't even care (too much) that he didn't win.  Her behavior just really turned me off.  And I was a fan of hers, but my fandom has waned.  I'm excited to see Usher and Shakira join the coaches' panel.

Thinking about ... my dear friend, Ali, who had to say "goodbye" to her sweet Siamese, Samson, yesterday.  Cancer sucks. For humans and animals.

Excited about ... baseball starting on Sunday.  My Rangers open their season against the Astros and I am so so so so ready for my love to be back in my life.

Happy about ... getting into a gym this week.  It was hard to keep my fitness routine while I was making the transition and moving, but I'm ready to get back at it.  My body and mind need it badly.
Wishing ... I could afford all the things I want right now.  When do I get to be rich?


  1. I love the new judges on The Voice too. I am excited about this season after just one episode! I may also be totally looking forward to the return of Rangers Baseball Sunday...finally! Glad you are back to writing.

  2. Ha ha, when do I get to be rich too? And I know the feeling about moving, I went (4 years ago) from a 1 bedroom apartment to one bedroom (and a storage unit). I miss my things!

    Good for you for getting back into the gym! And that's great that you're closer to family and friends.


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