Monday, April 22, 2013

5 for Five


Check out how I did last week:

Read for an hour each day.
It was a rough week. 
I only did this two days.  Yikes. 
Put up the gallery wall and unpack my CDs.
I'm really not sure if this will ever get done.
I've been so crazy busy.

Get to the post office.
I'm sure Donny is glad I mailed his package.

Comment on at least five blogs a day.
I often commented on more.
It's easy when there's good stuff out there.

Try a new recipe.
I made a crock pot recipe off of Pinterest.
I'll share more about it on Wednesday.

Three out of five isn't too bad, I guess. 


 Here are my new goals for the week ahead:

Read for five hours total.
I'm beta reading for a friend right now.
I need to finish this.  Soon. 
Set aside time to schedule blog posts.
Like I said, I've been so busy.
But I need to carve out time for this.

Treat myself to a coffee drink after Saturday's 5K.
Okay, so this one is a little self-indulgent.
But I deserve it, so shush.

Figure out my May fitness challenge.
Any suggestions on this?
Can you believe April is almost over? 

Spend my Friday lunch hour walking.
It's the only day I won't do a workout.
So I need to get those steps in somehow.


Come back next week to see how I did.
Happy Monday everyone! 

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