Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to get a guy (according to others)

As a serially single girl, I receive a lot of dating advice.


And not just from the movies.

Some of it's solicited, but most of it is not.  Some of it's good, and some of it's bad.  Everyone seems to know exactly what I need to do to "get a guy."

I thought I'd share some of the gems I've heard over the years:

"You just need to lose more weight."

"Don't cut your hair. Guys don't like girls with hair shorter than shoulder-length."

"Never wear red nail polish. Only slutty girls wear red nail polish."

"You're too much of a good girl. Guys don't want a good girl."

"You're too independent. You need to be more needy."

"You know too much about sports. Play dumb once in a while."

"Well, you have cats. Guys don't like cats."

"You have to have sex by the third date, or he's not going to stick around."

"If you get rid of your cable TV, you'll never get a guy."

"You're too opinionated. Tone it down a little."

Okay ....

Let me see if I've got this down. Apparently, every single action or decision I make must revolve around attracting a mate.  Basically I'm not likeable as I am, and I need to change everything about who I am and completely deviate from what I like and believe. 

Sounds like a fantastic plan.

What's some advice you've heard about getting out of a dating rut?
Please tell me you've heard some good ones. 

In the meantime, I'll be scouring the internet for more short haircuts and cats I can adopt.


  1. Yup. I actually had someone tell me "if you wanted to get a guy, you shouldn't have cut your hair". Geez, really? I'd rather be single, if a guy can't appreciate me with shorter hair!

  2. I've heard some of those too. Honestly, just be yourself. It's not worth trying to change yourself for a guy. If he doesn't like you, he's not worth it. TRUST ME. I know you know that, but I felt I needed to say it anyways. :)

  3. Well this is crazy. I know it happens, but how are these people so rude to say these things to another person?? It's ridiculous. If you have to completely change who you are to attract a man, why would you want him??

  4. The only thing my friends have ever said is "I have no clue why you are single, you're awesome" "The guys you date must be stupid" or "Stop looking and you will find him." Honestly, anyone who changes who they are for a man isn't being honest. If you lose any more weight you are going to disappear BTW. I have been thin and not thin and truthfully when I am a 12-14 that's when guys like me. When I was an 6-8 nobody talked to me. I like to think my beauty was just too intimidating or something!

  5. I've heard the good-girl one far too many times. And really?! People tell you to lose weight to get a guy?! That's bullshit, IMO. Although I can't say it hasn't crossed my own mind for myself, but for someone else to say that to your face just seems really ballsy and rude.

    TOO MUCH ABOUT SPORTS?! Girl, I would DIE to date someone who can appreciate my love of baseball. And football. Who wouldn't want someone to enjoy that kind of stuff with them?!

    I haven't heard too much dating advice other than "Be yourself, guys will love you for that!" and just like Laura said above me "I have no idea why you're single because you're awesome!" and especially "Once you stop looking for someone, you'll find someone" which I HATE because I seriously cannot just stop looking. It's not like I try to date every guy I meet, but I always think "Oh, he's cute...maybe I should talk to him..." or whatever.

    Meh. Dating sucks.

    Sorry, I'm in a sour mood, lol.


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