Monday, April 1, 2013

Music Monday: Lady Antebellum - "Love This Pain"

This song came on the other night when I had my playlist on shuffle.  And I related to it right in that moment.  Isn't it funny when songs sneak up on you like that?  Well, in this case, it had me tearing up.  Yep.  There are some things and people you just can't walk away from even when you know exactly how it'll end.

It's just an on again
And off again situation
It's just striking a match
A tank of gas combination
But here I am again lighting it up
Knowing that she'll just burn me

It's like I love this pain a little too much
Love my heart all busted up
Something 'bout her, we just don't work
But I can't walk away
It's like I love this pain


  1. Love the lyrics, they really strike true... which isn't necessarily a good thing!

  2. I LOVE Lady A. Love love love!!


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