Friday, April 26, 2013

Random Friday

It's the end of the week.  
My brain has been through a lot this week.  
So it's mostly mush.  
Here are some assorted thoughts I was able to pull out of it.  
Just for you.

-  I saw Nice Water was on sale this week.  Does that make people nicer?  If so, I want to buy a whole bunch and hand it to every grumpy person I see.

-  Finding workout pants is hard for short girls.  I really want to find some crop pants that don't cost a small fortune, but I haven't tried on any that I like so far.

- I finally saw "42" last weekend.  Absolutely loved it.  I thought they did a great job of telling the story of how Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball and showing what he had to go through in the process.  I also like how most of the cast were people you recognized from one or two other things.  Harrison Ford was the biggest name.  That kept the attention on Jackie and his story rather than a "star."

- The Round Rock Express (the Rangers AAA team) come to Iowa next week.  I might have to head to the ballpark.

- One of my longtime internet friends is moving to my city soon.  I can't say much more, but I am so so so so excited.

- My cat was playing with her catnip ball the other night and had a sneezing fit.  I asked her if it was an overdose.  Probably not funny to joke about, but it was funny to me.

- Online dating sucks so far.  A friend told me I should try to message two guys each week.  But I can't seem to find any that aren't weird, boring or creepy.

- There are guys messaging me, but they are not winners. Case in point, the other night, I got a message from a guy with the username "teenie weenie 4u."  Is that supposed to draw me in? And, yes, I totally judge usernames.

- I want to go on a blate.  A blogger date.  Who wants to drive to Iowa and meet me?  Ha ha ha.

- It's so strange to have to schedule "me" time.  But I absolutely have to.  If I don't get some time alone soon, I will break.  Part of that whole introvert thing.

And finally, I decided to join Whitney's Friday link-up.

This little tune found its way onto my Pandora a few weeks ago.
I was instantly transported to college nights in the bar. 
It was THE jam for a hot minute.

I can't understand half of what Shaggy says, but there are some deep thoughts in there ...

Life is one big party when you're still young
But who's gonna have your back when it's all done?
I'll just leave you with that thought.  Ha ha!


  1. Hmmm. Have you tried Gap for workout capris? Shoot, what about Target? And lol, I want to pass out Nice Water!

    You're not really selling me on the online dating lol!

  2. haha Lovin the Shaggy throwback!



  3. It's impossible to find workout pants for my short legs too!! Some that I FINALLY found are some cropped pants from Fila that I stumbled upon at Kohl's. They're stretchy/tight, and I love them. I really should go get another pair...

  4. I like Old Navy for workout clothes. And I really want to see 42!


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