Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK ...

... that I took a lunch to work on Monday and I still haven't eaten it.
It never sounds good when noon rolls around.
But I swear I'll eat it tomorrow.
Unless something else is more appealing.
Ha ha ha ha.

... that I'm a total sap this week.
Everything makes me tear up.
Sniff sniff.

... that I'm way too excited for my first 5K of the year this weekend.
I've already started thinking about what to wear, have for breakfast, etc.
I'm so eager to get to running in an organized race.
It'll probably be super casual with a lot of walkers.
But I like those just fine.

... that I'm not looking forward to saying "see you later" to two of my friends this weekend.
I'm attending their going away party Saturday night, and I'm so sad to see them go.
They're moving to LOUISIANA for some great new life and job opportunities.
I know it'll be a great experience for them.
But I'm really going to miss them too.

... to learn how to ignore social media posts from certain people.
They're so ridiculous and often very ignorant and judgmental.
Sometimes I don't know why I'm still friends with them.
I guess I have a hard time letting go of people.
Even when it would probably be good for me.

... to front-load my weeks with my workouts.
I go to the gym Monday through Thursday.
That means I'm free for fun or just plain relaxation on Fridays.
That day of rest is so important for my body and mind.
I haven't yet decided what I'm doing tomorrow.

... to change my mind often about being relationships and marriage.
Sometimes, I think about how nice it would be to be in love and find someone special.
This usually happens after I'm around friends who are in healthy (not perfect) relationships.
Other times, I'm quite content alone ... doing whatever I want, whenever I want.
Especially right now, when I'm completely irritated and underwhelmed by the dating pool.


What's OK with you?


  1. Good luck at your race! I really need to get back in the running game soon... I've been lazy!

  2. I can relate to a lot of these things! :)


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