Monday, May 13, 2013

Music Monday: Songs for windows-down weather

In case I haven't mentioned it enough lately, the weather in Iowa has been gorgeous.  There are very few things I love more than driving with the windows down.  I thought I'd share a few of my favorite tunes to blast while cruising with the breeze flowing through my car.  Enjoy!

Tim Stop - "Malaga"

Come on.  You knew there'd be at least one from this guy. And this one is perfect!
I can't wait for Tim's next album, "Across The Atlantic," which is due out around my birthday (July).
Also, if you live in Chicago and want to be in a music video, he's filming one this Friday. Hit me up for details.


Matt Wertz - "Get To You"

This song feeds the 80s kid inside me.
Honestly, though, most of Wertz' catalog is made for summer listening.


Matt Nathanson - "Faster"

"You taste like sunlight and strawberry bubble gum." Swoon.
This Matt also has a new album due out around my birthday.


Marc Broussard - "Home"
This might forever be my favorite Broussard song.
Takes me back to concert road trips in the summer of 2004.


Christina Aguilera - "Cruz"

This song was definitely made for summer drives.
But I sing along loudly, so I should probably roll the window up on this one.


Tyrone Wells - "Freedom"

This song is on my running playlist.
I love the upbeat sound and lyrics.
Oh, and Tyrone is pretty awesome too.


Todd Carey - "Ain't Got Love"

One of the first songs I ever heard from Todd.
And I still love it six years later.


Tony Lucca - "Foxy Jane"

Talk about some car dancing.
It definitely happens on this track.


This list could have been so much longer, but I should probably stop there.
Do you have some favorite tunes to crank up when you're driving?

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  1. Oooh some great tunes that I need to download! Thanks for sharing. Um, I crank up Radioactive by Imagine Dragons all the time.. not sure what it is about that song that makes me want to airdrum lol!


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