Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer bucket list

I know many people have been in summer mode for a few weeks.  I suppose I'm among those people, but according to the calendar, summer officially begins today.

I thought I'd share a list of things I want to do this summer.  I'll revisit the list on the last day of summer to see how many I got to cross off.

:: Go to an Iowa Cubs game ... and actually root for the home team.
As a Texas Rangers fan, I tend to only go to games when their AAA team (the Round Rock Express) is in town.  And, naturally, I'm cheering for the visiting team.  Usually alone.  It might be fun to cheer for the I-Cubs.

:: Find a patio and enjoy some beverages with good friends.
Honestly, I think I could do this multiple times and love it.

:: Go to the zoo.
I haven't been to our local zoo since I was a kid.  It's time to get back there.

:: Make sangria. (And drink it too, I suppose.)
I love wine. I love fruit. Why not combine the two?

:: Go to the farmer's market.
DSM has a great farmer's market, but again, I haven't been to it in years.

:: Take in some outdoor live music.
This should not be difficult to achieve with all the great live music options in the area.

:: Go to a small town festival.
These are free and usually have some good food and people watching.

:: Have a bonfire, complete with s'mores.
There is nothing better than sitting around a fire on a perfect summer night.

:: See fireworks.
I am a true summer child, so I've always loved fireworks.

:: Try yoga in the park.
It's held every Saturday, and it's free.

:: Have a snow cone.
I don't remember the last time I had a snow cone.  Probably at a Rangers game when I was still living in Texas (because they were cheap and tasted good on hot days), so that was a long time ago.

There's nothing huge or expensive on my list, and it's almost all stuff I can do solo or with friends. I think I'll be able to knock a lot of these off.

What's on your summer agenda?


And now for a summer jam ...


  1. haha great pick for the first day of Summer!:)

  2. What a great idea, to have a summer bucket list, I totally need to make one. Definitely find a snow cone that has ice cream with it, best thing ever! Bonus points if they add condensed milk... or is it just me? :)

    And omg s'mores at a bonfire sounds like perfection to me. :)

  3. Aw I love everything on this list! I want to do them now too haha

  4. Love your list! I feel like I need to add some of your adventures to my bucket list.

  5. I would love Yoga in the park. I did a class outside today and it really is refreshing.

    And sangria is freaking amazing. Put some limeaide in it to give it a real kick.

  6. I love the Summer list! Farmers markets, s'mores, small towns, fireworks... It all is so PERFECT!


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