Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank heavens for Netflix

The weekend is finally upon us.  Even in my unemployed state (which I wrote about yesterday), I still appreciate Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I suppose it's because that's when I don't feel any different than anyone else, and sometimes I even get to see people!

The only thing I have planned this weekend is tomorrow's Run to Exile.  It sounds like Mother Nature wants to throw some thunderstorms on us around race time, but I'm hoping she just gets over herself and takes those storms somewhere else. 

Other than that, I will probably just watch baseball and finish the third season of "Parenthood." I started the series last weekend on Netflix (yay Netflix!!), and I'm cruising right through it.  With as much as I've watched, I'm surprised (and a little disappointed) I'm not dreaming about the Bravermans.  They're a fun family, and I wish I knew them in real life.

For now, let's get the weekend started with some #backthatazzup Friday action.

How about an acoustic cover of Baby Bash's "Cyclone"?  
Take it away, Ernie.


  1. Just to let you know that I have added your blog to my Blog List on my newly launched blog Love for Beginners.

    1. Love for Beginners blog address is

      On your blog, I liked your Adventures with Speed Dating post.


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