Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's in your (gym) bag?

Whoever said, "all you need to get fit is a pair of running shoes," is a liar.  Sure, you can start there, but if you're going to get serious, get ready to spend a little money.

My fitness regime currently includes running, Zumba, BodyPump, BodyJam, and occasionally yoga (really missing these classes since I moved).  Clearly, I love cardio.  Honestly, if it wasn't for BodyPump, I'd never do any strength workouts.

With all of these activities comes a lot of gear.  I thought I'd share a few of my staples.

Let's start with the lower left corner.  It's the most important thing -- a good sports bra.  My favorite is the Champion 360 Max Support Bra.  I got two of them on sale a few years ago, and they are in constant rotation.

Moving clockwise, we have my running shoes (although I also wear them for BodyPump).  Nike Structure 15s.  I've only been running for a few years, but I've stuck with Nike so far.  Mostly because they work with the Nike+ on my iPod nano.  I'll be in the market for new shoes (and maybe a Garmin FR10) once I'm employed.

In the upper right are my Zumba shoes.  When I first started doing Zumba, I wore running shoes, but I found I couldn't do some of the turns very easily and had some hip pain.  I consulted a friend who is a Zumba instructor in the Oklahoma City area, and she gave me some great suggestions.  I settled on the Ryka Transitions. They're lightweight and the soles are perfect for pivoting and all the other fun dance moves.  They are one of my favorite investments.

Finally, I have to have tunes.  I use my iPod nano and have three or four running playlists on it at any given time.  I use over-the-ear headphones, but even those don't stay put.  I'll be shopping for an upgrade, again, when I have a job.

These days, I go to the gym from home and back again, so I don't really take a bag.  But when I was working, my gym bag usually also held hair ties, deodorant and an extra pair of socks.


If you want to share your fitness staples, be sure to link up with Ari at The Pace of It All.


  1. Yay, thanks for linking up! I didn't know you needed special shoes for Zumba. That makes sense tho, some of the moves hurt my knee a bit. And I need to look into those bras... I need some new ones. :p

  2. I'd love to check out your playlists! I need to make one for my phone. One that will get me moving. I'm just too cheap to buy the music, ha!


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