Friday, July 19, 2013

Birthday #1 hits through the years

I'm a music fiend, so I love looking back at number one hits on various dates.
Since tomorrow is my birthday, I thought I'd take a trip back and take note of some of the number ones on my "milestone" birthdays. (I used this site to determine the songs.)

The day of my birth:

It's completely appropriate that Billy Joel was #1 on the day I was born.
 I still love that man's music to this day, and I blame him for my affinity for guys who play piano.


My 5th birthday:


My 13th birthday:


My 16th birthday:


My 18th birthday:


My 21st birthday:


My 25th birthday:


My 30th birthday:

That's an interesting mix, for sure.
Then again, so am I.

What was number 1 on your day of birth?

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