Saturday, July 20, 2013

Older and wiser

Okay, so the wiser part is debatable, but I am definitely older.

Yes, kids ... today, I am 33 years old.

This photo of me and a high school friend, Jessica, was taken last week.
I think I wear it well, don't you?

If you saw my pictures on Thursday, you might say I get better with age. At least that's what I've decided.

Earlier this month, I adored Erin's post about 24 things she's learned in her 24 years of life (she's just a baby ... and also a babe, if we're being honest).  I thought I'd steal her idea and share 33 lessons I've learned over the years.


1 :: Mom really does know everything.  Even when you think you're right, she probably is.

2 :: You can drink wine, liquor, or beer, but never all three in the same night.  Ever.  Pick one and stick with it.

3 :: Never trust someone who proudly proclaims she's never had a friendship longer than three years.

4 :: Baseball is actually a very cerebral and romantic sport.

5 :: The friends you have when you're 13 and 23 may not still be there when you're 33.  And that's OK.

6 :: Tequila is bad news.  Just say "no," regardless of who offers it to you.

7 :: When someone offers you free tickets -- to anything -- take them.  You never know what you'll learn or who you'll meet.

8 :: Speaking your mind may ruffle some feathers, but at least you'll learn who your true friends are.

9 :: When choosing a college major, look for something that will make you money. Minor in something you love.

10 :: Don't share your soul with everyone. Some people don't appreciate or respect you.

11 :: When you have a bad day, there are a few true cures -- call Mom, watch "Pitch Perfect," find kitten or puppy videos on YouTube, or turn on some music and have a dance party in your undies.  Any combination of the above is acceptable.

12 :: Don't let a bad day become a bad week, month, etc. Get it out and move on.

13 :: Love your life decisions. Other people are going to mock you, but it's your life. Live it however you see fit.

14 ::  Trying to control your emotions is a lost cause, but you can control your reactions. Never apologize for the way you feel, but try to think twice before you react.

15 ::  Don't date a guy who disrespects his mother, the wait staff, or your closest friends.  Someday, he'll disrespect you too.

16 ::  Don't drink coffee after 8 p.m. ... unless you didn't really plan on sleeping that night.

17 ::  It's impossible to be sad when you're eating a cupcake.

18 :: It's OK to pursue a boy, but at some point you have to turn around and see if he pursues you.  If he doesn't, keep moving away from him.  He's not worth your time.  Or tears.

19 :: Don't try on clothes while wearing a sports bra. Nothing will look good.

20 :: Divorce is sometimes ugly and rarely one-sided, but it doesn't always mean someone is damaged beyond repair.

21 :: Exercise will do as much for your emotional well-being as it does for your physical shape.

22 :: It's OK if you never outgrow the ability to have a crush. They're fun and they make you smile.

23 :: If someone wants to be in your life, they'll make an effort.  Likewise, you should make an effort to be in the lives of people you value.

24 ::  The best kind of friends are the ones who will help you move, let you stay with them when you're in transition, buy you dinner/drinks when you're broke, send you surprise gifts, and generally just show they care.

25 ::  A random act of kindness will do as much for your heart as it does for the recipient of your deed. Do them as often as you can.

26 ::  What people think of you is none of your business, so don't worry about it. (Still working on this one, to be honest.)

27 ::  Staying up late to finish the book or have a heart-to-heart chat with a friend is always worth it, even if it doesn't feel like it the next day.

28 ::  Don't be afraid to dream big.  Life is boring if you don't want for something.

29 :: Never ever take a friend for granted. They can be taken from you in an instant.

30 :: Karma is real although sometimes slow to follow through.

31 ::  Learn to make a budget early and do your best to live by it. (Still working on this one too.)

32 ::  People say you don't get to choose your family, but that's not true. You may not get to pick who you share blood with, but you can pick the people you hold near and dear.  Those people are true family.

33 ::  When you love, do it with all your have. And try not to take it personally when it's not reciprocated. You did your part, and that is nothing to be sorry about.


I have to say, 32 was kind of a rough year for me.  There was some good stuff -- I published my third book, met some awesome new people, and moved to a bigger city.  But there was some bad as well -- I got my heart broken, I was laid off from two jobs, and I spent six months unemployed.  I'm really hoping 33 is a little kinder to me.  Either way, I'm ready to see what's ahead!


  1. Perfect! I wish I would have listened to #9 back in the day...

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! Welcome to the 33 club. Love your list and so true it's impossible to be unhappy while eating a cupcake :)

  3. Great tips and Happy Birthday! I totally agree with #9. There may not be a lot of money in teaching, but at least I have an employable skill.


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