Thursday, July 25, 2013

My life's certainties

The Universe never lets me get too comfortable with things.  Being comfortable would be a bad thing, apparently.   Life's surprises keep it interesting and moving, I guess.

That said, there are a few things I've found to be certain. Like this ...

My cat, Casey, wants nothing to do with me when I'm just lounging, but as soon as I go to bed and am trying to fall asleep -- BOOM -- she's in my face wanting to be petted.  Every night.  I kid you not.

So I thought I'd list a few more things I know I can count on.

It never fails ...

... when I'm late for something, I will hit every red light or traffic slow down on the way.

... when I have money to spend I can't find anything I want to buy, but when I'm broke I see LOTS of things I want.

... when I get home from grocery shopping, I still feel like there's nothing to eat.

... when I miss a Rangers game, something incredible happens.

... when I have time/money to go to the movies, there's nothing I want to see.

... when I'm wearing a cute running outfit, I see no one, but when I'm all mismatched, I cross paths with at least one cute guy.

... when my hair looks really good, no one sees it.

... if I have a big date/interview/event coming up, my face will break out right before it.

... if I'm worried about waking up the next day, I will wake up every hour.

... when I finally find the comfortable spot and position in my bed and suddenly realize I forgot to turn something off or have to use the restroom.

... I will go weeks without anything major to do and then have several things planned in one week/weekend.

What would you add to this list?


  1. I totally 'ditto' everything on this list! Especially, shopping when I have money and I can't find a thing AND grocery shopping but still having NOTHING to eat. SO much truth in everything else, too!

  2. So true! And what is it about cats? They totally know when you are busy. Buttheads.

  3. YES to all of this, especially when you wear something cute and see no one. ALL THE TIME. And the good hair days. Haha...everything on this list I was agreeing with!!!


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