Monday, August 26, 2013

Music Monday: The *NSYNC reunion happened!

(Hopefully this video won't get taken down at some point today like my original video was.)

After Friday's post, could I honestly have shared any other video today?

It was truly a fantastic performance from start to finish.  Like many others, I wish the *NSYNC portion would have been longer, but I'm not going to complain too much (except when it comes to the sound quality ... what was up with that MTV?)

I've been waiting too long to see those boys together on stage again.  And that little bit was about all my 33-year-old heart could handle.  I was shaking and had goosebumps.  And that lasted for quite a while after the performance ended too.  I got exactly what I wanted out of the reunion -- a flashback to the peak of my fandom and a reminder of why I love those boys so much.

*NSYNC fangirl for life.


  1. JC!!!!!!

    Oh sorry, yeah, I'm sure my downstairs neighbor was wondering what the heck I was doing (I was dancing). :) I wish they would join JT on tour, even if it was just for a few cities. I would so go!

  2. Umm yeah it's not working :(

    HOWEVER, that was seriously the best thing to happen to the VMAs this year. Probably boosted their ratings by a million. LOVED it :-D


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