Monday, August 19, 2013

Music Monday: Train w/ Ashley Monroe - "Bruises"

If you read Friday's post or follow me on Twitter or Instagram (see links over in that right sidebar), you know I went to the Train and Matt Nathanson concert at the Iowa State Fair on Friday night. A friend got free tickets and invited me along.

I was really stoked to see Matt.  He's one of my favorites, and I've seen him five times now. But really wasn't that jazzed about Train. They've never really won me over with their songs and a toxic friendship with someone who loved them just kind of pushed them into my "dislike" pile. But I was willing to put up with them to see Matty. And by the time I got to the show, I'd decided I would TRY to have an open mind and let them win me over.

And they did.

I don't love them (yet), but I enjoyed the show.  And hearing their songs no longer makes my stomach turn.

What did it for me?

:: Pat Monaghan sounds so much better live than on the radio.

:: The band is really very talented.

 :: They are very interactive with the crowd and seem like a really humble group of guys.

:: This song:

They didn't bring Ashley Monroe along to sing with him, nor did they pipe in her vocals. Pat brought a girl from the crowd on stage to sing the duet with him. It was actually really sweet of him and she handled the duties pretty well. I'm sure she'll be talking about that night for years to come.

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