Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What I'm loving Wednesday

I haven't linked up with Jamie in a while and I am loving a lot lately, so I figured I'd jump in today.

I'm loving ...

... the people I work with.
Despite a 10-year age difference, my work buddy and I have some great chats.
And most of the people around me are pretty nice.
They truly do make my job more fun.

... that I made a bit of a bold move last week.
So far, it looks like nothing will come of it.
But I'm choosing to focus on my part in it.
I put myself out there and I went after something I wanted.

... that the Iowa State Fair starts this week.
I'm completely biased, but I think our fair is the best.
I'm headed out there at least once during the ten days.
And I'm already thinking about what I want to eat. Ha!

... that I get to see all of my college roommates this weekend.
One of them is getting married, and the rest of us are attending.
It will undoubtedly be a blast, and I'm excited about the dress I'm wearing.
I'm sure there will be lots of photos so stay tuned.

... all the ads on TV and radio for "Wicked."
I'm seeing it for the first time this fall with my bestie.
I've heard a lot of the music, but I'm anxious to know the story.
I cannot wait.

... that football season is right around the corner.
Baseball is and will always be my first love.
But I have enough room in my sports heart for football.
And nothing beats Saturdays tailgating in Ames.

... my crazy, busy social life.
Last night, my bestie came over for dinner and hours of conversation.
Tonight I'm meeting up with another friend for a fun event.
Tomorrow night, I'm hitting a baseball game with yet another friend.
And it goes on like that until Sunday ... and I'll be ready for a break.

... that my new job has a measure of productivity.
I don't think I ever realized how much I like to have a way to see what I've accomplished.
I mean, I like crossing things off lists, but this is a step beyond that.
I hesitate to say I'm good at my job yet, but I don't feel completely lost.

What are you loving?


  1. I think you meant to type "Iowa City" and accidentally wrote "Ames"...

    Iowa fair is definitely the best, I agree. Granted I can only compare to other midwest states but it beats all those!

  2. Wicked was one I wanted to see for years, and finally got a chance to go 2 years ago- and I absolutely loved it! Have you read the book? I hope you enjoy it!

  3. I looove state fairs! I always plan my food :)

    I love when my social life is popping too. makes life more fun!


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