Friday, August 2, 2013

Work that body

This week, I started a different work schedule.  My manager authorized overtime, so I took it.  I barely notice that extra hour, but I'll be glad to see it on my paycheck. I need the money.

The only downside is that I can't make it to BodyPump class during the week anymore.  I am truly sad about that.  I still plan to go on Sunday afternoons and once is better than not at all.  I'll get to do more Zumba, but I know that's not enough. Even though I love cardio best, I believe strength training is a necessary piece of my fitness routine.

So, it looks like I'll need to find some free weight routines to do on my own.  Thank goodness for Pinterest and the app on my phone.  Here are two I found that look pretty helpful:



Do you lift weights?  
What does your routine look like?


Time to party with Whitney for #backthatazzupFriday.

Since I'm talking about working out, I thought I'd share one of the staples on my running list.  It's a sexy little song from Josh Hoge.

Happy Friday!


  1. When you can swing it, you could do a one time session with a trainer and have them set up a routine for you. My gym always runs specials with their trainers. I know you probably don't want another expense, but its an idea!

  2. I so need a good abs and weight workout. I'm going to keep this one in mind, that's great!! :)

  3. Weights kind of scare me but I love my kettlebell and medicine ball!

  4. After talking with a friend who is a trainer, I really learned how important strength training is (and it makes sense-- even Jillian's 30 day shred does 3mins strength to 2 mins cardio and 1min abs). So, I do my own little circuit mixing up my cardio and strength-- 10 mins cardio, abs, strength (upper body one day, lower the next). And I repeat it 2 or 3 times depending on how much time i have at the gym (and really, how exhausted I get...). For my strength sessions, I use a lot of the workouts I've found on pinterest. You can check out my workout board to see them-- there are some good ones on there that will leave your arms and legs feeling like jelly! :)


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