Friday, October 18, 2013

Moments that age me

Most of the people I work with are new college grads.  This is not surprising.  I'm a temp in an entry-level job.  That's pretty typical.

Most of the time I forget about the age difference.  My work BFF is pretty mature and she has a good work ethic (unlike some of her counterparts).

The other day, however, I heard a boy near me talking about his upcoming birthday.  He's going to be 23.  And he's taking the day off (unpaid) so he can sleep (after partying, I presume). Sigh. Only at 23 does sleep sound better than a full day's pay.

Other fun "age checks" for me:
- Girls wearing dresses that barely cover their butt cheeks. (And, no, there were no leggings underneath.)
- A girl being shocked that we don't get a week off for Thanksgiving AND Christmas.
- A guy who didn't know Billy Ray Cyrus used to be a singer. (Although, I still claim it's just because he was oblivious or blocked that out.)
- Making "Office Space" references and getting blank stares.
- Hearing someone refer to "Six Pack" as a really old movie.

Moments like that, I am reminded that these "kids" were born in the 90s. And I feel like I should tell them to get off my lawn.

Somehow, I don't think they'd get all the references in Todd Carey's new song, "Nintendo."  I tried to find a video or grooveshark of the song, but it looks like you'll have to buy it.  It's a really fun listen, I promise!!

In the meantime, here's Todd playing a theme song I'm sure everyone knows ... just because I enjoy watching/listening to it:

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Who doesn't understand office space references?! Unacceptable at any age!

  2. I am in a new group through my church with a bunch of lil tykes. They're so fresh-faced and cute... I feel like the grandma of the group. But we are still young!!


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