Thursday, October 17, 2013

My new training pals

Have you caught the news of my latest running goal?  I've mentioned it a few times, but in case you missed it ... I am training for a half-marathon.

That's right. 13.1 miles, y'all.

The girl who used to walk the mile when it was required in P.E.

The girl who used to say, "if you see me running, call the police because someone is chasing me."

The girl who had to do Couch 2 5K TWICE to even get through it because running for 30 minutes straight sounded impossible.

Yeah.  I used to be all of those girls. 

And now I'm the girl who looks forward to running because it has become my "me" time.  I take my phone with me for safety and my iPod with me for music, but other than that, I completely disconnect from the world.  Running has helped me get in shape physically and has also helped me a lot mentally and emotionally.  I never thought I would say this, but I honestly love running.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were talking and somehow the topic of a half-marathon came up.  We decided right then that we wanted to do the one in April.  That gives us a little more than six months to train.  Fortunately, there are lots of training plans online.  I've decided to go with this one.  It's a 20-week model, which gives me a little flexibility as well.  And that's great since winter is coming up and we all know how much I love the dreadmill ... er, treadmill.

Right before I made this half-crazy decision to start training for this half-marathon I received a little package from Influenster.  This was what was inside ...

Dr. Scholl's Active Series Insoles!!!

Talk about perfect timing.

I have never worn insoles. I always figured running shoes were good enough.  And, honestly, if you get the right shoes, they are.  My new Brooks are my favorite shoes so far but with all my upcoming training, I'm a little worried about wearing them out.

For the past week or so, I decided to try the insoles out for my runs.  First of all, I was relieved I didn't actually have to trim them at all. They fit my shoes perfectly.  When I first laced up my shoes, I was afraid they'd be a little too tight, but they weren't.

I have this weird thing with my feet sometimes when I work out.  Specifically, my right foot.  The spot under my third and fourth toes starts to hurt and may even become numb.  It seems to happen mostly during Zumba for me, but occasionally it happens when I'm running too. With the insoles, I haven't experienced any of that.  I'm eager to try the insoles out in a Zumba class -- if I can ever get to one with my busy schedule.

All in all, I'm really glad I got to try the Dr. Scholl's Active Series Insoles.  I think they'll help keep my feet happy and help me get a few more miles out of my favorite fitness shoes.

* I received this product for free, but the opinion expressed is my own.


  1. Good luck in your training! I just started C25K. Ahhhh!

  2. Good luck with your half! That's so exciting!

  3. SO excited that you're training for a half!! I know you're going to be awesome and crush it :)

    P.S. Can you send me your address please?! Thanks!!

  4. I'm SO excited for you that you're training for a half! Reading your post seriously makes me want to bust out the C25K again and give it another shot. Maybe I will :) Seriously, though, I'm the girl that HATES running and I can relate to EVERYTHING you said. I want to turn it around, too!

    I also got the insoles from Influenster and I'm loving them! I wore them to Zumba class last week and I felt a HUGE difference in my feet. I didn't get any of the weird numbness feeling that I sometimes do when I'm dancing around. Love it!

  5. way to go! You're gonna feel so awesome after you do it. I read a lot of blogs about runnoing and that's when I decided, I'm gonna run a half marathon! Even though the longest distance I had run was like 5 miles...on a treadmill.

  6. I'd love to try some of those out! I broke my left foot (years ago) and eventually needed surgery on that same spot you are describing. My feet drive me nuts. Good luck on your half! I LOVE that distance!


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