Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Racing during training -- advice needed!

I just completed week four of my 20-week half-marathon training plan, and so far I'm feeling really good.  I'm especially proud of the run I finished on Sunday.

I felt incredible!

Here's what I've completed so far:

The race I signed up for is on a Sunday. I'm trying to keep my long runs on that day so my body is ready for that.  There have been weeks I had to change up my running days, but for the most part, I'm sticking to running on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday.  

I have signed up for an Ugly Sweater Run this Saturday. It supports a good cause and seems like a lot of fun. Although I am training for a somewhat serious race, I don't want to give up the fun races.  I would also like to attempt this challenge from Runner's World:

I'm a little worried about throwing a 5K and daily runs into the middle of my training plan. Do any runners have any advice on this?  Should I shake up my running schedule?  Just add those runs to the mix?  Or should I back off and just stick to the plan?


  1. I was debating that challenge. On one hand, it'll definitely get me into running. On the other, it may burn me out.

    As for the 5k - I think you can throw that into the middle of your training plan, it can't hurt since it's about what you're doing already, just maybe at a faster pace. I could be wrong tho?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. I've done a run streak (pre-injury) before and by the end of it, I was ready for a day off. Since you are training for the half, I would think you'd get either burned out or set yourself up injury. I would concentrate on one goal before adding the second. But that is just my $0.02.

  3. Not that I'm an expert, but I think adding a one-mile run on your off days won't hurt you at all. They should be super quick for you. That sounds like a great idea though-- I can definitely do a mile a day! Maybe that will help get me into running! :)


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