Friday, January 31, 2014

Gym = success ; Kitchen = needs improvement

I had another pretty good week of workouts!

Last week's workouts
Friday: Off.
Saturday: Off.
Sunday: Off.
Monday: Treadmill (40 mins.) -- I did this pin, and it was killer!
Tuesday: BodyPump (60 mins.)
Wednesday: Kickboxing (45 mins.)
Thursday: Kettlebell workout at home (20 mins.) + Core work (10 mins.)

I didn't intend to take the whole weekend off, but ... it happened.  I still think four workouts is good.  If I have more active days than inactive days in a week, I'm happy.

By the way, I link-up my workouts each Sunday over at Bliss to Bean.  If you're looking for encouragement, motivation, and some great blogs, this is the place!

Bliss to Bean


I know working out is only half of what will help me reach my fitness goals though.

Now that I'm getting better about my activity, it's also time to clean up my eating habits.  And I feel like this is the hardest part.

I am intrigued by the Whole30 thing Katie and Donny are doing, and I'm so impressed by the progress Terry has made by eating Paleo.  I just don't know if I have that kind of self-control. I know am fully capable of eating right 80 percent of the time, but I'm not giving up everything I love all the time.  I'm all about moderation.

Namely, I really just need to avoid going out to eat and grabbing food on the go. The key for me will be and has always been planning. And I need to get better about doing that.

Breakfasts are OK, but I know I could do better.  It's usually instant oatmeal and a piece of fruit (usually a banana).  I would like to start making my own oatmeal (instead of doing the instant stuff) and maybe even make some breakfast burritos.

I've gotten pretty good with my lunches. Thank goodness for Pinterest. I've been able to find lots of ideas for crockpot meals and things I can make and reheat.  I've started selecting two things to make each Sunday and then packaging them in single servings to get me through the week.  I'll usually add a few more things -- fruit, yogurt, applesauce, baby carrots, a small salad, etc. -- to round out the meal. Maybe this is weird, but I have to have something sweet to finish it.

Oddly enough, suppers are my big test.  By the time I get home after a long day of work and then a workout, I do not want to think about cooking. I just want to shower and then relax on the couch.  Maybe I need to start doing the same thing with this as I do for lunches.

What are your healthy eating tips and advice? 
Do you have some favorite make ahead meals I should add to my rotation?


  1. I'm with you! I can get back into a workout groove...which I am doing this weekend, but food is the hard part for me. But it's definitely a must for losing weight.

  2. I'm the opposite: Good with dinner, horrible with lunch. I've been doing greek yogurt with fruit/granola, oatmeal, and/or some kind of leftovers for lunch lately.

  3. Food prep is my biggest battle. If I don't prep I make bad choices. If I do prep, I feel like my food gets musty and I get bored. I'm still trying to find that happy balance when it comes to my nutrition.

  4. Ya now your 4 workouts this week were killer! Food choices are key and very important to weight loss! Great job realizing that and doing what you need to do. I find that during the week I am really good with food decisions and then the weekends I tend to struggle a little depending on what we have going on. I try to follow the 80/20 rule 80% of the time I am on with my eating and 20% I am off. It seems to work well for me. Good luck this week! Great work! Thanks for linking up!

  5. I have to have something sweet too at the end! Our office keeps a huge bag of candy in the kitchen which is always tempting but I've been eating a Fiber One 90 calorie bar (chocolate and peanut butter) when I finish my lunch and it helps kick that craving every time! I'm currently in the midst of cleaning up my eating as well. It's a constant work in progress.

  6. You did great lady!! I think if you add a little more protein in your diet (especially am) you will be fuller longer and lean out a bit more. {at least it works for me!} I spent some time saturday really prepping for some healthy meals and I feel confident about this week! I just need to get into a more focused workout routine like you! Thanks for linking up


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