Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I sure hope hard work beats talent

I have a lot of talented friends. Photographers, artists, musicians, writers, computer experts, athletes, cooks, bakers, etc.  I am often struck with awe and envy when I get to witness their talents.  Sure, I spend some of my free time writing, but thanks to a few professional blows, I'm no longer sure of my talent in that area.  But I absolutely love it, so I'm not going to quit.  I guess I'll keep working on it.

That said, here are a few other things I wish I was good at:

:: Keeping a clean house.
I'm not a complete slob by any means, but I'm a bit lazy when it comes to cleaning.  I really only do a good job of straightening and washing when I know I'm going to have company ... which is next to never.

:: Making up my mind.
I am so indecisive. Even though I love Chipotle's food, I get minor anxiety over all the decisions I have to make.

:: Budgeting/saving money.
I am trying to learn about couponing and budgeting from my friend, Jaci, but it's a slow progression. I suppose it doesn't help things that I've lived paycheck to paycheck for as long as I can remember.  (Yay journalism jobs!) And remember I was unemployed for about six months out twelve last year.

:: Choosing clothes.
I've mentioned this before, but my sense of style is ... nonexistent. I have no idea how to put an outfit together and look cute.  So I just go for comfort and hope it all matches.

:: Dating and flirting.
I feel like there are all these secret rules I don't know. And sometimes I don't want to follow the rules I do know about.  I like the process of getting to know someone, but I am not at all sure of how to engage them in flirtatious banter. Thus, I have a lot of first dates and/or get friend-zoned.

:: Parallel parking.
I've gotten better at this over the years, but I still loathe it.  I will drive around looking for a place I can drive into long before I will attempt to parallel park.

:: Making time for everyone and everything.
Ugh. This is the biggest struggle. Especially lately.  There just aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week sometimes.

Can you help me with any of these?  Just kidding.

What are some things you wish you were good at?


  1. Budgeting/saving 100% YES! I will get on a kick where I'm doing well and then something happens and I'm back at square one!

  2. I won't parallel park. I just won't do it. I mean, I hardly ever drive anyway but if I do, I look for parking lots and valet. I will not even attempt the parallel park.

  3. Girl, me too. To almost all of these. Especially making decisions and saving money. Those are 2 things I'm AWFUL at!

  4. Holy moly, I am there with you although I beg to differ, you ARE a talented author! With the house cleaning....i am so there with you and the money. When extra comes I want to shop! As for the dating...I suck at it. Even now I suck at it. The last time J and I went out on a date, I was sick and grumpy and we ended up fighting more than spending QT together. LOL Don't give up

  5. SAME! I agree with everything on this list! Especially clothes and saving money. I seriously need to work on saving and budgeting.

  6. I'm still bad at budgeting, even though I have a makeshift budget. It more or less keeps me aware of what I'm spending money on rather than restricting myself to things. I'm also bad at cleaning...but not at work. My office at work has to be clean or I can't get things done! I was the same way in college when I had my own place--if I had my own place now, I'm sure it would be a LOT cleaner than my room!!! I've gotten better at parallel parking but I still suck. And I'm SO indecisive, too!! Ok so maybe I agree with you on all of these :)


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